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Monday, November 28, 2011

Stories, too short (Part: 3)

Time has become the most precious commodity so the urge for quick tranfer of messages are needed everywhere. Here I have managed my time considering others time also..............

Stories, too short (Part: 3)


A worker of shoe making, he neither thought of large sum of money nor has he thought of becoming a rich man. He accepted it as a reality to live poor throughout of his life. One day his shop owner came to his place, where he was working and told him, “Today, you have to carry with you a large sum of money in your bag”
“Why should I? I mean, my only means of travel is an old bicycle. If someone follow me and stop me, I cannot escape by this bicycle.” He replied.
“That is why I am giving you the money to carry it because no one thinks of you having money or carrying money.” Shop owner told him.
When he put bag of money to the handle of his bicycle and riding bicycle, he was feeling very different, proud and satisfied. People around him seemed to him as very ordinary and of no importance and value. He was looking to people seemed rich and he wished he could tell them, “Look! I have also large sum of money as much as I could buy bungalow and car and have a business of mine.”
He reached to shop owner’s home. Shop owner was waiting for him anxiously. As he handed bag of money to shop owner, shop owner relaxed and asked him for lunch. After lunch he headed toward his home. Now while riding the bicycle, he was no more feeling proud and satisfied. All people were looking more important than him. He couldn’t tell rich people that, “Look I have also money.” It was first time he has realized that why rich people are so proud. It is all money. The moment they lose their money they will lose their pride and confidence.


His pride and ability to socialize and making friends were exemplary. He was a graduate but was involved in different businesses. For the past several weeks he was topic of community gathering. It was amazing for me as he was an intelligent and active part of the society but now he was an anti social individual. He allied with few other unemployed graduates to run a gambling centre. Few representatives of community talked to him several times to convince him for leaving the gambling but may be lucrative earnings were an obstacle. At last member of the community decided to punish him and stop him by force. It worked and he stopped gambling in open but he continued gambling underground. In one meeting I saw him discussing about the prize bonds. I asked him, “If number hits 10,000,000 Rupees then what would you do with that money?”
“I borrow another 10,000,000 Rupees and gamble them to increase chances of winnings.” He replied.


As I asked about the doctor to stamp on my Urine test result for medical report, a person came to me and told me, “Please follow me” and he open the lock of a door and asked me, “Please come in” and then directing to a chair told me, “Please have a sit”. It was looked to be his office and he was a doctor. He started advising me and then preaching. I also started questioning, agreeing and disagreeing to his points. The preaching turned into discussion. I felt he was feeling uneasy as he wanted me, not to comment and just listen and I judged from this that he was serving himself not his religion.


When conflict turned into crisis, there were need of support in terms of labor, money and even life. Very few were courageous and devotee enough to stand in crisis. When crisis was over a crowd of people and individuals appeared who were showing anger and were protesting the manner it solved. How amazing it is that very few stands to sacrifice but very large numbers come to claim heirs, relations and leaderships as crisis over.


He was very furious about tells of his country,” I know the history but this history is an abuse to my country and I take it as abuse to my country”. I was amazed of his reaction but took it as a natural response as love of motherland makes everyone sensitive and extremist. As I came out of his office two small girls took my feet and begged for money. The girls and the person who was expressing his extreme patriotism were from the same tribe. His response was no more natural to me as it is the countrymen who are the source of identity of a land and those who are ignoring their countrymen have false claims patriotism.


Hot discussions were about the sustainability of businesses. All were concerned about future of their investments as the markets are falling and the investments are evaporating in chaos and uncertainty but at last all agreed that, investments in weaponry and medicines are always profitable as human never stop conflicting. It was a story that was telling all other stories, I concluded.


He was going to throw the daily garbage of his home to an empty government land. He saw the writing on the wall, “Don’t throw garbage here”. He threw his garbage and decided to find new place for dumping his garbage. Meanwhile he saw the government servant coming to him. As he reached there he threw his own garbage and told him by nodding his head in anger, “These people are really savage. Look! I have written on wall that don’t throw garbage here but again people are throwing their garbage here”…………….


“I am the most unlucky man. When I plan for a holiday due to high storm in morning, suddenly the weather gets normal. When I expect a general strike the political situation gets normal. There is load shedding but in work hours there is no load shedding. Even the official holidays come on Sundays…………………….” He was telling me.
“You are not unlucky. You are unprepared for your works and prepared for holidays”. I replied him.


In field you have a lot of time to discuss different issues so we were discussing politics on our back to our camp. All students were expressing their anger about the deteriorating political situation of the country. Our country was coping with political instability since its birth. Our teacher was listening quietly to our discussions. Finally he started expressing his views, “If I conclude your discussions I would suggest only one solution to this problem. Our solution is in neo-colonist era.”
We all stood in our places and looking to our teacher in shock, “What Sir! Neo-colonist era?”
“Yes! Let me explain. I have been an active and dedicated political worker whole my life, from my student life till today. I started with a religious party. It was based on prejudices and division. I understood that this party lack vision and it can’t be our savior. I joined a secular democratic party. To my shock most of its members were opportunist people who gathered to get bigger shares from society. They were all corrupt people. I understood that they exploit everything for their profit. Then I joined leftist socialist party. To my astonishment there all people antisocial individuals who were angry with society. They had no plan for construction of country but for destroying everything that couldn’t agree with them. I found them people who loved them being called revolutionists by destroying and torturing people. Then I joined nationalist party. Here all people were extremists who had no judgments and vision for country. They were racists who were considering anything done by their race is true and welcoming either that was right or false. Anything done by others were wrong and unacceptable either they were constructive or destructive. ………………………………..
At last I found by my own experience that our divisions are so deep that we ourselves aren’t able to reconcile and heal ourselves. We need interventions to solve our problem. If some external force colonizes us, they will make us to abide their laws. In presence of external force people automatically unite and learn from them how to abide law. Our nation half to a century to learn that law is above all our preferences and this can’t be done except by a strong external force who teach us how to make laws and how to respect the law”.
The entire student was answerless because it was true that we all give ourselves and our ideals more importance than law. Ignoring of law was the source of lawlessness and deep divisions that nation lost its ability to heal and reconcile.


In the office a few lecturers and lab attendants were discussing the political issues and almost all were analyzing the situation in a hopeless manner. One of the assistant professor went to extreme to present his own solution, “ I think we have spoiled to an stage that we are not only degrading ourselves but are the sources of problems and headaches for others also. Our existence is problematic for others as well as for ourselves. Hence the simplest solution that will be a blessing to all mankind is that all individuals of our nation’s men, women and children all and all drink poison and leave the world in peace. Our nation’s collective martyrdom would be greater than Socrates martyrdom”
Though we couldn’t agree with his point of view but we couldn’t disagree also.

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