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Monday, November 28, 2011

Some common logic

A-Progressive relativism

The relations of things to each other both in time and in space are a common process in making perceptions. Our perceptions can’t be understandable without clear relations that we make in things we observe and imagine. Our perceptions differ from each other due to the differences of our abilities in making relations. Our understandings, imaginations and visions are based on the relations we make in things, ideas, imaginations, perceptions etc. These differences of perceptions are making basis for logic that we can call progressive relativism.

Progressive relativism is our conscious and unconscious preferences in numbers like our first preferences, second preferences and so on in thoughts, actions and choices. We have developed the progressive relativism in our journey of our evolution. Hence it is an evolutionary adaptation. Just look the example of our preference in social relations. Our first preference is our parents, siblings, other relatives, tribesmen, men from our nation and then those who are close to us in terms of culture, religion, etc and then human as whole. It is not a biased inhuman preference but it is a natural one that we mostly behave according to but not recognize it.

Professions also influence the progressive relativism. The matters, knowledge, technologies etc related to ones profession is more important than other technologies, knowledge and matters etc. The preference in knowledge, information, technologies and matters are deeply rooted to ones profession. Though it is a common knowledge but it has serious applications in our lives especially during social interactions and business relations.

Cultures, traditions, ideologies and religious beliefs deeply influence not only preferences but also progressive preferences. The differences in life styles of people of different cultures, traditions, religious beliefs and ideologies are deeply rooted in their progressive preferences according to the guidance. Sure the interactions of the different cultures and traditions and religions also influence preferences. It has seen in people who immigrated. Immigrations and progress in global communications have influenced the preferences that in some areas there is a cultural crisis. From cultural crisis it is also become evident that the knowledge of people about their cultures are weak so it is not depend on strength of cultures but in presentations of cultures that are playing key roles in setting preferences of people.

B- Flexibility Rule

There are two phenomenons in human’s activity that repeats every time. One process that repeats every time is known as fact. Hence these two processes are facts and it is important to note and acknowledge because facts are the basis of logic.

1- Though men struggle hard and make their best for excellence but always there are unpredicted shortcomings. Planning and preparations develop and minimize the shortcomings but they can’t stop them. It is why men should always keep room for mistakes, shortcomings and unexpected situations in their planning and preparations. This approach makes life and work easy. It is why it is named as flexibility rule. As flexibility rule is a fact so it is also logic.

2- Second phenomenon also asks for tolerance and keeping room for shortcomings and it is about the ideas. Everyone can be false to extent and similarly everyone can be true to an extent. Hence it is logical to hear and accept others and be prepared to leave some of your ideas. It means there should be tolerance for accepting others truth and similarly tolerance for leaving our false ideas.

Hence flexibility rule asks for natural acceptance of weaknesses and strengths in all and natural tolerance for all.

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