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Monday, November 28, 2011

Silicon Valley

"Silicon Valley" is coined by a journalist Don C. Hoefler in the early 1970.
It is named Silicon Valley, because of overwhelming use of "Si" in the semi-conductors.

Silicon Valley is located between two cities of San Fransico and San Jose in state of California, USA.

Famous for:
Silicon Valley is the home of high-tech industries and related corporations like,
You Tube, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Apple, ebay, HP, AMDA, Mozilla, Oracle, LinkedIn, Ning, Gaia, Symantec, Xerox, Philips, Asus, CISCO, Adobe, McAfee,Sems, Palm, nvidia, Intel, measurex, SanDisk, Agilent, Tatung, Class Ic, Olivetti, etc.

It is believed that, the key to success of Silicon Valley is, "its ability to attract people". Here people dominantly means "Intellectual capital", however it also means, investors and customers. Although Silicon Valley is the home of major high-tech corporations and related businesses but, Valley's main reason for success is its spirit of creativity, openness and entrepreneurship.

Silicon Valley have seen several evolutionary jumps through surge of technologies and economic growth by introducing semi-conductor chips, microprocessors, Personal Computers, Internet, Google, Smart Phones and Personal devices like ipods, Ipads, etc.
- Silicon Valley is changing rapidly the faces of other industries like, newspapers, books, movies and music.
-Because of new ideas, investment chances, customers and technologies, other businesses are attracted to valley notably,
+ Legal Firms: to help in deals, investors, Businesses related to other tech areas like, Green or Clean technologies, Biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, medical devices.
+ International high-tech businesses have opened offices in Silicon Valley.
+ Russia wants to make similar tech-park near Moscow, Skolkovo.

- Computer History Museum
- Tech Museum of Innovations
- Nasa Ames Research Center
-Intel Museum

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