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Monday, November 28, 2011


If you search the word “nerd” in dictionary, you will find following definitions,

1. Slang: A stupid, irritating, ineffectual and unattractive person.
2. An intelligent but single minded person obsessed with nonsocial hobby or pursuit, e.g, computer nerd (Source:

A meeting was called to solve the problem of shortage of water and to manage newly drilled tube well in our street. Around 9 pm, one representative from each house was gathered at the guest room of one of the neighbors. The participants were from different social backgrounds and I could easily distinguish them from their appearances and behaviors. Businessmen, fat individuals were sitting in proud manner and discussing loudly about their big deals and new possible deals. Students, who were clothing neatly and wearing eyeglasses were discussing global affairs to show how well informed are they. Government officers with their distinctive waistcoats were talking about their connections with high ranking officers to show how influential they are. A few individuals were wearing Karakuli caps (caps made of fur of Qaraqul breed of lamb and it is only young lamb or even fatal lamb that are prized for their pelt), sitting proudly and listening to all and speak only when everybody was listening to show how important is their talks. These individuals were elders of influential families in society.

Among these crowds, the most obvious group, are individuals with ordinary clothing whose dark tanned skins and skinny bodies were evidence of poverty. This group of poor individuals had nothing to share except get impressed by all other groups. Except this group of poor individuals all other groups were keeping talking. I was obvious that this meeting was not to solve the problem water shortage but was a psychological warfare in struggle for influence and higher social ranking.

Among noisy talks, before start of meeting, I saw a middle aged, skinny, half-bald man who was sitting humbly and listening to all. He was looking an ordinary person who seems to be lost in this psychological warfare. I was feeling difficulty in placing in any social category. I was waiting to hear something from him, so I could know who is he? He remained silent till end. I thought he is a “nerd”.

The meeting finished with no solution. It was tiring and heartbreaking. All these influential people were just good to compete with each other. My angry response was a to call them a bunch of second hand actors who are just good to mimic characters of influential people to show themselves as influential while are unable to solve their own small problems.

A few days later, I got a stomachache and wanted to see a doctor. My brother told me that there is a new hospital in town that is good in diagnostic and serve people with minimal fee. I went to hospital. It was a two-story rented building with only few beds, few nurses and only one doctor. To my surprise, the doctor was the same individual that I saw in meeting and thought he is a “nerd”. I learned from doctor that he is serving poor families with no fee and serving middle class families with minimal fee with the help of some NGO’s. He was an overworked doctor, working from early morning till late night because he is the only doctor in hospital. He was giving training to nurses and they were assisting him in deliver their services effectively.

I could see very clearly that a single “nerd” was much capable of helping a lot of poor families while a bunch of influential people could solve their own problem.

It was class 9th-A where we have placed naughty boys. We had divided class 9th into 9th-A and 9th-B. 9th-A had only naughty boys while in class 9th-B there gentle boys and girls. For past several days a boy in class 9th-A was under my observation. He was short, silent, skinny, light skinned with spiky hairs. He was always busy with his notebook and was not looking much to blackboard during lectures. I thought he is a “nerd”. I was amazed why this boy should in class 9th-A? Something must be wrong with this boy and might need my help. I asked him to meet me in computer lab because I didn’t want to make embarrass this shy student in front of his other teachers.

He sat next to me with his head down. I thought to start conversation with a question to get his confidence and also get a clue about his problem. I asked him, “What is your hobby?”. Instead of answering my question he told me, “I have a question and wanted to ask you. Would you mind, if ask you my questions?”. I became happy and replied, “Go ahead, I would be more than happy to answer your questions?”. He asked me, “Sir! Do you know how to break water molecule? And similarly do you know, how to break Carbon dioxide molecule?”. “Both these molecules require a lot of energy to be broken. If you could find a way to break these molecules with less energy, you will change the world by solving fuel and pollution problems.” I was amazed he was not boy in trouble and needy to be helped but he was a nerd and was looking to help others. He was a student with real scientific spirit.

After meeting these two nerds, I decided to befriend with nerds because they are the most interesting individuals.

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