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Monday, November 28, 2011

Neo-Ignorance and Literature

Today the world stands in a position that mankind first time in its entire history experiencing two kinds of ignorance, but it is very amazing that modern men stressing only in one and neglecting totally the other one.

What really ignorance is, that mankind has deep concerns to struggle against it? Ignorance is the inability of mind to judge his potentials and potentials of his environment and hence slows down the rate of evolution by wasting the potentials. Based on this definition the ignorance is of two types:-

1- Paleo-ignorance (the ignorance due to illiteracy)
2- Neo-Ignorance (the ignorance due to meaninglessness)

1) Paleo-ignorance: was a problem that ruled all over history till today. The good news is that education included in basic needs of modern men and hence there are the largest networks of educational institutions all over glob that are growing. Education is rapidly growing to become a basic need for survival. In this context “literacy for all” is an urgent human aid that literate people can donate to save a great majority of mankind from potential extinction in modern development of mankind.

2) neo-ignorance, a new problem of modern men that ignores the obvious potentials due to directionless-ness. There are flood of information but much porous minds are unable to absorb them and utilize them. This is more serious form of ignorance than illiteracy, as illiterates by becoming literate enter in a new world with full of opportunities. What is the solution or way for neo-ignorant that can’t absorb the opportunities their knowledge and skill offer them. If the modern men neglect this new rapidly expanding ignorance all the efforts that made to develop mankind by making literate a great majority of illiterate people would go all in vain.
If the present situation continues I am looking forward to another dark age in human history that will have totally different symptoms from medieval ages. MEANING beside profit is what, world striving for. Thirst for larger and larger profits resulted in psychological collapse and it become a close parasitic friends of modern men that surely affect the development of whole mankind. The most simple and obvious examples are “Collapse of science” for few last decades, the collapse of an economic system, while all existing systems are waiting for sudden collapse. The collapse of social and political ideologies, while men in all over the world lost their identities is another symptom of neo-ignorace.

The stop of science, economical, social and political ideologies pushed all minds in a great sense of insecurity and confusions that they are living under the fear of a constant invisible danger due to lack of predictability. All people think of short term and large profits, as they do not rely on present situation.

These symptoms are rapidly getting worse by passing times. The people are no more caring about their attitudes and potentials but they just struggle to adopt the rapidly changing situations due to short-term profits to survive in present conditions. If these situations didn’t address seriously the hope of big minds with force then neo-renaissance will be far in present times.
Analyzing present situations I suggest that besides struggling against illiteracy the global organizations also seriously think about the neo-ignorance. Especially the creative minds all over glob must redefine all what we had that may lead to a direction that could help reduce neo-ignorance. Physics need to see new dimensions other than Quantum Mechanics that caused to stop the scientific developments. Economists, political scientist and social scientists must look for other mechanisms other than profitism that may again awake the zealous hope of mankind (especially students) and save them out of meaninglessness.

I have brought forward a new definition to the “Justice” as “calculated discipline” that I am sure will lead and open new ways that help us reduce neo ignorance. Though I have applied to certain fields but here in reference to “Literacy and sustainable development”, I have applied to Literature in this context as follows:-

Usually it is a custom that deductions are made of the evidences, experiences, discussions, references, observations but we start discussion from deductions as we travel to past to judge the position of literature in human history and also to see either it is sustainable or temporary waves in oceans of events. The deductions are as follows:-

1) History of men developed from kings, Lords as main characters to people (more sustainable) as main force of change.

2) Development of nations from common beliefs, ideologies rather than physical boundaries and demographical distributions.

3) Development of the concept “ life itself is a religion” from concept of traditional view of religions due to controversies of ideologies and religious beliefs.

4) The development of ambiguous and confused informed minds from strong believes with localized information.

5) Development from following nature as ideal to engineering nature, taking creativity as ideal.

6) Development of labor from physical labor to mental labor and hence development of more psychological disorders than physical disorders.

7) Development of virtual reality from conscious reality.

8) Development of dominance of dream world through rapid expansion of the medium of expressions and more deep explorations of individual’s self-developed world.

Are the above developments sustainable? Is literature has a prominent role in developing the above developments?

Before answering the above questions we must analyze what is literature? Then we can determine the role of literature. There is a common misconception and malpractice of the concept of literature, that literature is always thought and treated as the master pieces while if we see more analytically to physical history of human thoughts, for thousands of years the thousands of anonymous folk literatures developed the minds of trillions of mankind for long times in history. “Literature” is the reflector of life or more commonly the mirror of the society. The definition as the reflector of life is more appropriate as literature’s subjects are more vast than society that pace into unknown worlds and heavenly bodies in Science fictions and extraterrestrial stories. Here in discussion we use the term Literature as a general reflector of life in any form that has been described. The reason I didn’t distinguished literature in particular manner is that when I look to forms of literature or the sources of literature I can’t exclude any known field that has not been described in literature. There is only one commonality in all these form of description and that is human. Hence I deduce and define Literature as,” Literature is the reflection of life through human mind”. There could more deductions on these bases but more important one is that,” Literature is the reflection of human mind through life and reflection of life through human mind”. A natural question arise here that, while neither life is totally explored and defined nor human mind have been understood and explored then what will be use of this incompleteness to us?

The most important side of life and similarly literature as reflection of mind is hidden in this question. The incompleteness is the source of all desires, ambitions, feelings, discoveries, inventions and adventures without them there are no concept of development. The development is in real sense rooted in incompleteness. Here I must add that incompleteness is not all that literature totally relies on. What literature aspire in its reflections is “justice or calculated discipline” base sustainable development.

If we map the sources of literature in a very raw manner it will look as follows:-
Main sources of literature

- Life
- Science
- Religion
- Aesthetic/romanticism
- Resistance/revolution

Base of above diagram we study the role of literature in sustainable development of humankind except of references of masterpieces. The first thing that requires clear definition is life as from its reflections the literature got its existence. I prefer to very simplify the understanding of life to avoid confusions and ambiguity related to complexity and incompleteness of life, as it is still evolving. “Life grows and reproduces” is the commonest of its entire feature. The growth of life is always in a sequence as follows:-

Simple complex (organized) more complex (more organized)
Societies also grow and reproduce as an organic body but again there is a problem in view of sustainable development and that is decay of societies and extinctions of life forms. These decays are also part of sustainable development as what that has lost its quality of growing can’t further develop so they must cleaned to make room for growing one and its natural law. These sweep clean ups are very obvious in reflections of life by literature to make development intact in calculated discipline of nature to help fellow men in reaching completion of immortality. Here we deduce that following nature is following sustainable development and deviating nature is following decaying to extinction.

What really nature is? Is really nature is ideal to follow? For understanding nature we have no more reliable source other than Science as science study the natural laws. What totally science is based on is natural laws so the accepted laws of Science are the accepted laws of nature. Science though has different growing branches but still all of them work on one pivot and that is “Calculated discipline”. Hence instead of diversity of the nature its entire component works on the pivot of “Calculated discipline”.

Now we come to the most sensitive issue as the human history had seen the clash between science and religion. Though there were and are controversies in Science also but as Science grows the controversies resolve and Science is going towards unification in diversity. Religion is going from unity towards more divisions in diversity. Having this fact in mind then is it right that, life itself is a religion? Yes as religions teach mankind to follow the nature. Life is nature, so natural life is what religions guide men. There are concerns about deviation in religions so can science resolve the problem as the most reliable source of natural laws.

Yes, as there is one thing common in life, nature, Science and religions and that is,” calculated discipline”. What is not in boundary of “calculated discipline is not natural, scientific, religious and hence soon or later decay to extinct. There must be we keep one point in our minds that,” Nature has much by products but no waste.”…………

Aesthetics and romanticism can’t exist if there is no “calculated discipline as John Keats says,” Beauty is truth and truth is beauty”. Revolutions and resistance have no more manifesto and goal other than,” calculated discipline”, as there is no other appropriate definition of JUSTICE except, “CALCULATED DISCIPLINE”.

Form deductions, sources of literature I deduce that literature can’t be more than “depiction and description of calculated discipline” and “calculated discipline” is the sole “sustainable development”.

Literature is the mirror of life in which we can see past, present and future in different forms as, nature, science, religion and in one common form that is,” evolving human.

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