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Monday, November 28, 2011

Instant Reality as a Co-System

There are political systems and economic systems working in real societies or had worked in Utopias “Imaginary lands where thought political and economic systems are working”. Systems are usually doing no t match with each other in theory but the world has seen that aspects of political and economic systems complement each other. We can find some aspects of the socialist system in the capitalist system; similarly some aspects of monarchy and aristocracy complement the democratic system. In cases where a system complements another system, the systems become co-systems of each other. The thinkers may not have thought of co-systems where a co-system helps a working system to work more efficiently and productively. There are some values that are common in all human societies that have less recognized in current systems. These values collectively make a co-system that by formal recognition and inclusion can help improve the efficiency of every system so here present them as Instant Reality Co-System.

1- Moral Based culture:

Every society has a culture that change with dominant aspects of society. Culture has strong influence on behaviors and choices of people so they determine the trends of the political and economical systems. Certainly every society has moral values which distinguish them from others or in other words they lead society towards collective objectives. Hence The Instant Reality propose a moral based culture which help the people to cope with changing trends to have political and economical systems molded into the morality of their societies. The political and economic systems should help societies achieve the moral values set by a society to help all members of a society and not benefit a particular group and exploit the other at price of the profits of the earlier group.

Morality is a set of evolutionary adaptations that distinguishes between what are beneficial to individuals and society and what are dangerous to individuals and society. Cultures and societies have rituals and celebrations and informal means of education through which individuals are taught what they have to do and what not have to do. This is also the unfortunate aspect of the culture that to many extent cultures forgets their original objective under influence of the dominant forces of the societies and become tools for exploitations for the sake of profit of dominant forces of societies. Though in modern societies the individuals have empowered and they no longer exploitable directly by cultures but the still the cultures that come through advertisements of the multinational companies exploit them indirectly and these trends in modern cultures change the basic nature and behavior of men.

Keeping this aspect we have to define morality and make our changing cultures standardized by morality. As we have already defined that anything that is dangerous to individuals and society is immoral and anything that is beneficial is moral. Keeping this in mind the leading role for determining morality of changing trend is knowledge and research. As knowledge and research’s conclusions is beyond the borders of nation states, ideologies and religions, cultures and interests of traders and manufacturers so they will help in developing a global or human cultures that is able to cope with exploitations and flaws of the systems in different human societies.

2- Creative Labor:

Creativity is mechanism of progress. Now it is an accepted fact so almost all societies are talking about the encouraging creative it but talking about creativity and making a mechanism for producing and flourishing creativity is totally two different approaches. It is really interesting to talk about what is creativity and what is not and adopt strange and meaningless things and behaviors to prove the creativity is fashionable but they can’t help creativity.

The most important thing in facilitating creativity is creative education and creative work opportunities. These two supportive mechanisms for creativity will produce a creative labor force that flourish a society and will develop creative culture and products that wholly reshape present human societies. Creativity is an opportunity that nothing can replace it. Today it is highly debated that what will the solution for replacements of laborers by machines. The consumptions of laborers in services sectors have solved to great extent the replacements of workers by machines but the fate of these laborers also depends on the gambles in financial markets. A single collapse of the markets will cause a surge of unemployment.

Creativity is the creator of opportunities. Sometimes it is really becomes beyond of our conceptions that what are the objectives of our education systems are? Education is the most vital tool in social engineering and nation building but certain systems of education are running parallel to each other’s and sometimes opposing each other. Are they not causing conflicts despite serving the society? For achieving a certain objectives education systems forget even the basic nature of human being. We will discuss it in education based on the developmental stages. When an education system set certain objectives they should make it certain they match the basic human nature and they facilitate the creativity.

The second and most important point in a society is the facilitation of creativity. Creative colleges, universities, institutions and also unemployed individuals should encourage coming with creative projects and state and organizations help them in evaluating and workability of their projects and ideas. I call it creative labor. It is most essential to progress of a nation that creative ideas and creative ambitious individuals and group of people should be helped to give birth to their ideas and projects.

3- Tolerance and respect of expression:

In today’s society it is fashionable to favor in talks and writing the liberty and freedom of speech, writing and religions but as there is no code of conduct for the expressions so the misinformation and objective reporting are used to misguide the public opinions for gaining certain political and economical objectives. Misinformation and objective reporting designed to misguide people are the source of tensions among people and nations of the globe. It is a tool for killing of global justice and human rights. It is why despite the liberty and freedom of expression we use the term tolerance and respect of expression. In tolerance of expression one is allowed to express his opinion on any subject matter but by respecting others believes and emotions. Misinformation and objective reporting to cause hatred is against the tolerance and respect of expression. It doesn’t mean the governments are allowed to restrict the expression by name of tolerance and respect of expression but it means that a code made based on human rights that none is allowed to agitate people or governments against fellow human. The conflicts in opinions in social and physical sciences are part of the creative processes and should be encouraged. It is the religious believes that should be respected. The preaching of all religions should be free and none should allow to stop them as it is the basic human rights of all to get all forms of information and to choose religion or convert but preaching doesn’t means to attack others believes or campaign against others religions.

4- An accepted level of standards for all members of society:

The basic purpose of a state’s existence is the welfare of its members. For fulfilling this basic purpose all societies need to set an accepted level of standards for its all members. Certainly as a state put responsibilities and duties on its members, it is the duty of state to coordinate among the rates of progress of its members to help those members of society who can’t help themselves benefit from general progress should be benefited from the progress. Without an accepted level of standard a state becomes a legal organization for exploitation of majority by hands of minority in all systems.

5- Education based on the developmental stages:

The developmental stages are an accepted fact both by biological sciences and psychology but our education systems have ignored them. There are books and schoolings for children but not for teenagers and youths. There are divisions like preschools, primary, middle, high; graduation and post graduation studies but all are a general division. There is very less changes moving from one division to another division. There are no changes of approaches and methodologies for each specific division.

a- The children rely on their senses so the teaching methods should focus on the teaching and learning through senses.

b- The teen agers rely on their emotions so the teaching methods should focus on emotions in the teaching and learning methods so the teenagers become psychologically stable members of society.

c- The youth rely on logic and reasoning so the teaching and learning methods should focus the logic and reasoning in this age group.

d- In late youth stages, men rely on the creativity to prove themselves to society so the teaching and learning methods should focus on creativity of the individuals and provide the society, psychologically stable creative professionals that engineer the society creatively.

6- Peace and security should be free of cost to members of society:

The peace and security is going to be the most expensive business. As the cost of security is beyond the reach of the most of members of society so their blood, dignity and position in society is vulnerable to the hands of criminals and the security agencies themselves. Those who have the capabilities to buy peace and security their blood, dignity and position in society are well protected and dignified. It is a division of human rights based on the wealth. Hence it is the responsibility of the state to ensure the security of blood, dignity, wealth and position of its members and it is impossible except by making peace and security free of cost and available to every member that required. The presence of private security companies is only accepted if they are paid by government not private businesses and they should be bound by laws for securing all members.

7- Justice system based on compensation:

Crime is breaking the order of society. For maintaining the order of the society every society has an incentive and punishment system to keep its members part of the order. It is logical to the justice system be based on the compensation. If one break the order, it is necessary that the government compensate them by the labor of that individual. Compensating by wealth make the justice system not working well as wealthy individuals become able to violate the rights and dignity of others by force of their wealth but time and physical labor is a force that will make individuals to think many time for doing crime. In a society where all have an accepted level of life standards, crimes will be a psychological act. The solution is also a psychological one by making psychological barriers and by making psychological compensation.

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