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Monday, November 28, 2011



Adjective: Strange and somewhat frightening
Conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual
I am sure that you have watched “Lord of the rings” and “Pirates of Caribbean”. Do you consider the creatures like Gollum in “Lord of the rings” and Davy Jones the creature with octopus like head in “Pirates of Caribbean” as freaky creatures? These two characters are playing somewhat negative roles. What about creatures like Spiderman, batman and superman who are playing positive role? Do you call them freaky characters? What do you think about space creatures that are prevailing in science fiction movies? Have you ever thought why we are interested only in Dinosaurs and mammoths and Freaky creatures of these sorts when we make movies about extinct organisms while 95% of all known species are extinct?

You might be wondering why I have started talking about freaky creatures or characters whether in positive role or in negative role? Yes! It has a story behind it and I want to share it with you. When I first came to USA, I could see some men and women on street with heavily tattooed bodies or strange haircuts they were looking freaky individuals to me and I was trying to avoid them. I was thinking of them as anti-social persons who are abnormal and could harm me and better to avoid them.

We were in tour. All participants were nice and curious except one who had freaky tattoos of snakes and scorpions on his legs, arms and shoulder. His behaviors were also strange, always running, making jokes, shouting loudly, testing everything new that we were seeing and sometimes sitting alone silent looking at horizons. His strange behaviors and not mingling with others was making my beliefs stronger that he is a freaky person.

One evening when he was sitting alone and silently gazing at horizon, I approached him and started conversation with him. I was curious to know why he has these strange behaviors. I learned from him that he has served in Iraq and has seen deaths from very close. He has lost his friends and colleagues in front of him and these events have changed his perceptions about life. He wanted to live every moments of his life because he believed that death is following us and no one knows when he is to say, “Good Bye”.

I had an assignment to interview local people for my English class. I was looking for someone who I could interview. After lunch, as I stepped out of café I saw a woman sitting outside smoking. She had these strange tattoos and had a bitter expression on her face. Though she had a freaky appearance but I had no choice but to ask her for an interview. Contrary to her appearance she was very welcoming. I interviewed her about her life and found she was a strong and courageous woman. After separation from her first love she never trusted men and raised her child alone.

After meeting with these two individuals, I started looking to freaky persons from a different perspective. They are not necessary antisocial but just want to live life as they see life. They just don’t want to see life as others see. More than that I had learned from freaky individuals that sometimes life crushes you and you lose the balance of life. That is mostly true in large and cosmopolitan cities where competition is hard and fast. A single misfortune event in your life may leave you far behind of your time.

After these events, I also started to rethink about freaky characters in movies,

- Davy Jones, the creature when a octopus head in “pirates of Caribbean” look for souls to serve in his fleet but still he has a soft corner because he has lost his love.

- Gollum, the hobbit in “Lord of the ring” has a long life because of possession of ring. When he loses the ring he become obsessed by ring and spends the rest of his life to get the ring.

My conclusion is, your research may lead you to generalize about universe, earth, chemicals, organisms, climates and all sort of those things but human always surprise you. You can never generalize humans from their appearances.

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