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Monday, November 28, 2011

A few words of wisdom

Peace can exist there, where lie can’t exist.

Accepting this as a formula one can measure and predict the peace in a society. A society is very fragile where lie is part of culture and it is praised as cleverness. Any penny that earned out of lie has to be paid back in conflicts. In a market where bargaining is the culture of trading I have never bought a thing in which I had peace of mind and satisfaction that the shopkeeper has not cheated me irrespective of the price and quality. So I always avoid markets with bargaining culture. Any society which encourage bargaining as a trading culture will always under threat of economical crunch and crises and peace in such societies are just the result of fear.

Society is result of teachings of its institutions.

Every society has able men but character is not judged by ability. It is really rare moments in one’s life when he gets opportunities to live and work with a bunch of best minds or ablest few of a society. Ability certainly has attraction but it is really tragic when one finds best minds with bad characters. It certainly shocks one and makes him think hard the reasons.

Unfortunately! I had this experience and after keen observations and thinking processes I have concluded that society is the result of teaching of its institutions. Corrupt institutions can produce men of great abilities with outstanding achievements but their achievements have no effect on society due to their bad characters.

Irrespective of beliefs and teachings when one enters in a religious institutions that are responsible for popular thoughts, beliefs and cultures and find them covered in dust, dark, dull, without any greenery and cleanliness then it forces one to think how I can clean my spirit here? What this place can give me? If the teachers in these institutions are ignored about other societies, disciplines and have no acceptance to people from other faiths and disciplines of knowledge then abilities can be of no profit out of these institutions.

The same is true for schools, colleges, universities and governments institutions. No doubt these institutions produce individuals with great abilities that ability is a natural gift but these institutions fail to produce individuals with great characters.

Individuals with great abilities but bad characters are more destructive than constructive.

Environment is the best indicator for first judgment.

Whenever one enters in a society, city, home, institution, the environments tells him a lot. Men is the only organism that shape their environment to suit them so by effect of people on their environment one can tells the nature and status of people of the area. I find people trying hard in convincing people about their greatness, truth of their beliefs and the righteousness of their positions but when I look to their environments, and then I judge their expressed point of views with their actions. If their environments are really providing me evidence of their actions to their claims then certainly it is easy to become convince or at least take notice of their claims otherwise it is better to not waste our times.

Love of God is tested in Love of People.

People are the creature of God. God loves to create people of different races. If I really love God then I should love His all acts. If I hate another race then this means I didn’t like the act of creating that race. My love of God is tested by my love of fellow men and especially those of other races. If I can’t prepare myself to love fellow men then my religious acts are just cultural rituals empty of faith and spirituality. Even I love all people of other religions and spirituality movements because love of God and His creatures is common in all religions and this commonality is the real core and all other things are secondary and based on rituals.
Poverty and oppression is more logical to stand for than progress.

Progress is inevitable and no one can stop it. It is a common expression that we frequently hear. It has no boundary and all measurements of progress are objective measurements and can be used for or against. Poverty is inability of people or individuals to get necessities of life to an accepted standard in a time and place. So, poverty can be finished by making able people to get those necessities. Certainly! It is a clearer job than progress and it is in itself a progressive act. On other hand progress is a broad based terms with not accepted set of standards to compare with as it has no boundary. Certainly it could be measured with baseline of previous positions but it is not satisfactory for progress to just move from baseline. The famous expression for progress, “Sky is the limit” shows that there is no boundary to reach for progress. I am not against the progress but I am just arguing that empowerment of poor is the real progress.

Similarly! Oppression is an act of snatching or ignoring the rights of people or a group of people. Human rights and accepted rights of a people or group of people is a clear objective that is achievable so standing for them is wiser than standing for an immeasurable progress.
All apostles and great men stood against poverty and oppression. Prophet Moses (P.B.U.H) stood for oppressed and poor people of Israel who were slaves in Egypt. It was poor, neglected and diseased people who were attracted to Christ (P.B.U.H) Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) started preaching in Arabia, where poverty, ignorance and isolation of people of this area weren’t comparable to glory of Persia and Rome. He stood for slaves, poor, oppressed and equaled them with nobles of the Arabs. All men are equal is still an appealing appeal because still world doesn’t accept that all men are equal.

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