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Monday, November 28, 2011

Evolution and Evolution

Evolution and Religion: The conflict of origin

400 years after the first famous clash of Science and Religion (1610, Galileo affair), we are again in an era of constant encounters between creationists and evolutionists. After resolving the issue the conflict of geocentric Vs Heliocentric we are in another conflict and it is about of origin of life. The origin of life is a difficult subject subject for Science. Both biochemistry and paleontology is unble to provide a clear evidence of spontaneous generation, chemical evolution or Abiogenesis. Though there are a lot of efforts to prove it but they are unable to provide a reliable mechanism. But despite of this void in Science, fossil records and all fields of biology are providing clear evidences of evolution. Evolution is a mature science now though a lot of voids but because of failure in providing an obvious mechnism of abiogenesis the conflict of Origin of life has not resolved as conflict of Geocentric and Heliocentric had resolved. The conflict of origin of life is going to be 150 years (Since Darwin's publiction of "On the origin of species" in 1859).

When I am in debate with my friend about the movies like Jurassic Park series and Dr. Jones series, he tells me unless you are not going believe in a fiction you can't enjoy it. It fits for both sides of conflicts. Unless they don't understand, how Science or Religion works, they can understand each others conflicts. But this conflict will only diminish when Science come with a clear-cut mechnism for Spontaneous generation.

Religion, defence/warning display and identity

It is a common observation that venomous animals advertise their toxins by bright pigmentations. It is known as aposematism. These type of advertisements are not limited to venomous animals but some non-venomous animals also display these bright coloration as a warning sign in order to keep away the predators. In term of non-venomous animals it is understandable that they want to keep away the predators but why venomous animals display such warning signs? The answer is easy. The toxins they produce is costly in terms of energy so they try to conserve energy. They also advertise their toxicity to keep away other venomous animals in order to avoid competitions. These escape behaviors are successful so organisms evolve them as their identity.

It is also true to humans. People who have less tolerance for other cultures and religions, look to religious clothings and display just like warning displays of the venomous animals. Are religious or cultural displays really warning signs?

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