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Monday, November 28, 2011


Sitting in class I was wondering, how human world, would look like if the concept of Kin Selection Theory were true. Then I told myself, it is Science and the Science presents the world, as it is. Convinced that Science presents world as it is, I tried to focus on lecture. The Professor was saying that, “Kin Selection is the strategies in evolution that favors the reproductive success of an organism's relatives, even at a cost to their own survival and/or reproduction----Wikipedia----- It means that social organisms help their relatives to propagate their genes, sometimes even by sacrificing their own lives. The reason is simple and that is genes of relatives are close to each to each other”.

When I reached home, I was tired. I thought it is good to watch an Indian movie while taking my dinner. In movie the friends are helping their friend to reach his girl friend. “Damn, it is totally illogical. According to theory of Kin Selection, each one of these boys should be thinking to propagate their own genes or helping their siblings to propagate their genes. The writers, producer, director and actors of this movie must be arts majors and they must have never touched a biology book. It is a waste of time for a Biology student.”

I thought that writers and artists are dreamy people who just dream day and night and they are never awake, don’t matter whether their eyes are open or closed. Let me look to politicians who are the most rational people on earth because they lead societies or in general humanity. I start thinking, “OK! Which politician was the most rational among politicians? Lenin, Mao, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Hugo Chavez, Imam Khomeini, Abraham Lincoln? No! No, all these guys are irrational politicians because they were asking for equality and they were not asking for propagation of their genes or their kin’s genes, simply they were not racist. Who is famous for racism? Yes! I found it. The most rational politician that had scientific mind was, “Adolf Hitler”.

But it made me more confused. If he was most rational leader then why the whole world was and is against him? There must be something wrong.

I started thinking about another group of people, businessmen who do a lot of mathematics and calculations. They must be more rational and logical because their works depend on math. What about Bill Gates, who is most successful entrepreneur? He was the riches person for consecutive 14 years from 1993 to 2007. Yes, he would be a very wise choice. But wait! Is he really a good choice? He followed the Rockefellers and Carnegie to help people globally in areas where the governments fail to serve. What? Helping people globally? It is against the Kin Selection Theory which advertises promoting genes of your relatives. How could a businessman like Bill Gates could be so irrational?

I tried to convince myself by saying, “Because their thinking is too much abstract so their thoughts are rational but not based on reality and it is why their approaches are unscientific”.

Then I turned my focus to scientists whose thoughts are both rational and real or simply their thoughts are Scientific. It is natural that when you think of Scientists the first name that comes to your mind is that of Albert Einstein. The same happened to me. The first name that came to my mind was that of Albert of Einstein. I thought that Einstein could be a perfect match for theory of Kin Selection.

Maybe the heavens were against me. I found out that Albert Einstein at the peak of WWII in 1939 wrote a letter to then President of US, Franklin Roosevelt that Germans are working on atomic bomb. He personally influenced the President for a nuclear bomb and US developed the first atomic bomb during WWII. Einstein was born in Germany and was a German and his help of US, building a nuclear bomb was against Theory of Kin Selection.

What? I couldn’t believe that the best mind in Science went against Theory of Kin Selection? I was exhausted but I couldn’t believe that best men and a theory of Science are practically at two opposite poles.

“No! Neither Science nor these great men could be wrong. But it is also not possible that both are right. At least someone should be wrong. “

I thought, thought and thought but at vain…………….. There was no solution. “Perhaps I need rest” I told myself and went to bed to sleep but then…………………….”Eureka!” Yes, Eureka! I found it. The person who was wrong, is me. Yes! Me. If I am wrong then there is no problem and it is always TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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