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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Does Democracy leads to freedom?

We see democracy as a goal of freedom movements but the question is, "does democracy itself leads to freedom?"... that is a very important question as we see.... democracy is also used to oppress the minorities. In countries, where there are multiple cultural groups living and have a core majority cultural identity, naturally core cultural majority dominates other cultural minorities unless there are mechanisms which allow the self-rule of cultural minorities so they do not feel threatened or discriminated against both by state and the fellow citizen (and that would really unfortunate if it is happen by law, by zeal of religious or patriotism duty). I think, it is not going to happen unless we do not redefine the very basics of the democracy and that is the definition of people....

People were always the source of the power and legitimacy and it is why every ruler and form of the government link themselves to people. Some link it by name of God, others by their historical noble bloodline, ethnicity, cultural superiority, patriotism,.... and unfortunately by name people themselves. Democracy is often defined as the government of the people on the people by the people. But who is the people? No one has defined the people and it is taken by default as majority.... So it is why we find in some democracies..... that in one case it is the majority who rule over minority and in other minority aristocrates rule over majority. People, though the source of the power but is not a crowd of the identical men and women. People is a diversified crowd. By just a simple walk across a city you can observe the diversity of people.

People are divided by religion, culture, language, education, life standards, professions, etc and all these make them biased in their judgments. As people are the source of the power, so their divisions are the source of the discriminations and oppression. It is why defining democracy as, "the government of the people by the people on the people is not enough.

We need to redefine people so not let one group of people oppress another group. By a quick glance across globe we find many examples of tyrrany of the majority over minority under democracy and also the centralization of the power and economy under the name of democracy in the hands of powerful elites. Recently, some voices are raised for decentralization of the power and economy. It is a good approach for empowering the small communities and minorities and to shield them against the tyranny of the majority. But it is only possible if minorities rights are recognized and allow minorities to rule on themselves within country's jurisdiction and exercise freely. To be free in educating their children, running their businesses, settling their disputes and securing their community.

I ask all those who really stands for human rights to use their pens and voices for the minorities who are oppressed by majority. Still I urge for more discussion and rethinking about the democracy so we could come up with a form of a government that really suits the todays globalized world and secure the human rights of all.

I wrote it in 2009 as a review of Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia's knol (But what's democracy?)..with a small changes I republish it because of importance of the question and topic...

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