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Monday, November 28, 2011

Digitalization of Philosophy…..

Every event is random at unit level and has a pattern as a whole. The evolution of digitalization is no exception. One of the areas of digitalization is digitalization of philosophy. When internet made it possible to have access to worldwide opinions on any topic it stir the world of traditionalists from academics to authors to religious scholars to parents……. People were afraid that exposures to foreign and alien ideas and concepts will melt down the norms of their society……….

Don’t worry, we have nothing to lose. What we had to lose, we have already lost. According to Philosophy chair of Harvard, Kelley “during the “secular age” public discourse has been infused with nihilism, which maintains that life is devoid of meaning and purpose.”1

I quoted directly the opinion from Harvard’s chair so people do not blame me of twisting history of philosophy…………….

OK! We have already negated the meaning of life though we had not the opportunity to negate the life itself otherwise we would not hesitate to do so………..

By spread in use and expansion of materials and opinions on internet one of the most important phenomenons was the END OF MONOPOLY of a few philosophers and thinkers….

To me, democratization of philosophy is the most important phenomenon in human history because it was the MONOPOLY of few thinkers that led Western thinking to Nihilism…..

Now, that everybody has to express their opinion, everybody got a global classroom and it is very close to ACADEMIA of the Plato or STREETS of Athens where giants of philosophy were cross questioning each other to learn the WISDOM……………….It was a small republic of philosophy………

Digitalization of philosophy have democratized philosophy it appeal has forced even people in Harvard to change their mind and embrace new change………. The NEWS is, “In order to challenge this nihilism, Kelly and his former dissertation advisor, Hubert L. Dreyfus ’51 of the University of California at Berkeley, have co-written a book to be released in January 2011, “All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics to Find Meaning in a Secular Age.”1


“But others, such as The New School’s Simon Critchley, who moderates The New York Times philosophy blog “The Stone,” maintain that this craving for popular philosophy is better satisfied by new media rather than books.
“There’s a hunger for serious intellectual discussion, but done in a non-technical way,” Critchley says. “People aren’t necessarily going to go to a bookstore and buy a book anymore, but they can read a 1,000-word column.” 1
I can read the mentality in the lines…It is the APPEAL of democratization of the philosophy that bring out these guys from their traditional position….Still, there is a resistance to listen to life that is breathing in people but rather it is preferred to listen to APPEAL………..

The discussion is either it is the book format or the blogs that can satisfy the APPEAL…My suggestion is people have different tastes and preferences… Some prefer book that is more coherent and in depth….Some prefer blogs as they want to learn using their times while taking their meals or want to relax for a while…What I call fill in blanks……………

However, if philosophers are serious to fight back NIHILISM that is their own product… and want to COMPENSATE people for losses and suffering that they got from MONOPOLY of philosophers in previous centuries…..they have to equip people to think for themselves…..

As I said in the beginning that an EVENT is random in its units but get a pattern as a whole…the same is true for DIGITALIZATION of philosophy.. When people across the GLOBE express their ideas and opinions, it seems random and TRADITIONALISTS think of it as MELTING DOWN OF NORMS but as a whole it is a GLOBAL REPUBLIC where you can observe the TRUE breaths of life out of MINDS of philosophers in the MINDS of PEOPLE………….

I try to write a sentence or few each day in order to encourage people to think to solidify what they read….READING IS an APPEAL… and THINKING is a SEARCH for meaning for LIFE……

I ask for contemporary PHILOSOPHERS that it is not TIME to tell people what PAST philosophers were thinking about MEANING of LIFE but to tell people HOW TO LOOK for meaning of LIFE on their OWN……………….


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