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Monday, November 28, 2011

Defining Political foundations of Hazaras

Politics is a real concern for intellectuals of Hazara community. The politics in Hazara community is directionless and the political parties are divided into two camps of religious and liberal nationalists. All the politics surround on differences of opinions in these two groups so setting directions for Hazara societies are .........................................................

Introduction: Politics is a real concern for intellectuals of Hazara community. The politics in Hazara community is directionless and the political parties are divided into two camps of religious and liberal nationalists. All the politics surround on differences of opinions in these two groups so setting directions for Hazara societies are neglected. The general people have lost their hope and trust in political parties though people are hopeful of their own struggles and achievements due to cultural foundations and trends of Hazara society. What should be done and we can do for setting political foundations for Hazara society is a great debate between Hazara intellectuals and students. In a series of current debates we have reached to a consensus and following are the definitions:

Understanding Politics: Academically the politics is defined as a series of three basic processes:

a- Conflict: Conflict is a natural phenomenon in human groups as interests and opinions differ. The presence of conflicts in human society requires politics to resolve the issues through compromise.

b- Consensus: When people in conflicts reached to a compromise, these compromises are called consensus which are the sources of authority and division of duties and rights.

c- Authority: Authority is a limited power given to a person or institution due to consensus. Authority is equivalent to power.

As the political process complete its cycle on power so it is a common conception that all political activities are struggle for authority and power. Setting power and authority as main goal the political parties loss their original purpose that is leading the society into collective objectives so they exploit the society for their adventures for power and authority. Hence it is needed that the politics should be redefined.

1- Conflicts: Certainly! Conflicts are a natural phenomenon but the nature of conflicts differs. Conflicts within a nation or community differ from conflicts with other nations and communities. The political parties or representatives of people within a society or nations differ with each other on tactics and strategies for the common objectives. If we talk about Hazara society both religious parties and secular nationalist parties main purpose is to make Hazara society a prosperous, glorified and dignified nation among nations of world. The purpose is same but the strategies are different. The conflict with other communities is serious as they accept the essence and existence of Hazara society so clearly the nature of both conflicts are totally different. Once we have set the baseline for differences of nature of conflicts then it becomes easy to set the foundation for compromise or consensus.

The basic discussion and concern between Hazara intellectuals and students are about how to resolve the internal conflicts to meet effectively with external conflicts. The world has solved this problem by institutionalization of their societies so the same solution is logical and practical for Hazara societies as well. Before we go to discuss the institutionalizations of societies for resolving conflicts, it is good to hear a story that may help us understand, resolving conflicts more clearly:

A volunteer trainer worked for a company who had chains of shops. His responsibility was to train volunteers to spread the words for their selections of merchandizes. It was part of the advertisement campaign of the company. He had more than ten years of experience in this work. When he got some leisure time for observing in social works he observed that there were several nonprofit organizations that work for the same purpose but are competing with each other. These competitions made them away from their original purpose. He made a survey of all these organizations and found that much of resources, intellectuality, times and men power is lost in competitions. He created an organization where all the organization could cooperate with each other and minimizing competitions by collective working for same purpose. Cooperation boosted their performance, resources and also helped build the trust of people in them.

The same story could be applied in Hazara society. As the purpose of the political parties is same and that is prosperity, integrity, dignity and glory of Hazara society so they can cooperate with each other if they were provided a framework by institutionalizing them but how?

Institutionalizations are of two layers, institutionalization of political parties and social organization themselves and the institutionalization of the society. We start from institutionalization of society or community. If we observe the political processes in nearly all countries of the world we see that there are political parties who have ideological differences with each other and compete with each other but once a party win in election then all other parties let the won party lead the society for specific duration of time but by being a positive critic of leading party that they do not misuse the authorities and powers. Here it is the institutions of governments that provide a framework for political parties to cooperate with each other in deciding the direction of the societies. Hazaras society is in need of a national assembly with departments working under the assembly. Let the political parties take part in election and the party won lead the nation for the specified period of time and others parties become positive critic of the leading party that the party do not misuse the authority. The departments working under assemblies will set the directions of the nation. Education department set direction of educational preferences and standards. Commerce department set the financial and trade preferences and standards. Communications, culture and so forth.

It is necessary that political parties themselves must also be institutionalized in order to be able to lead the society. The political parties need to have departments just like departments working under national assembly. These departments lead by the professionals in the same field. The institutionalization of the political parties makes politics a highly professional field. Just like colleges and universities. A student when comes out of the college he find him totally different from the time when he entered in college. Just a two year in college makes ones perspectives and visions totally changed. The skills, knowledge and experiences in college make him change forever. Institutionalizations of political parties make them institution for political workers. The politics would be life changing process for political parties.

Some may ask, if the government departments are already there and political parties are already participating in political processes are competing for departments then what is the need for making parallel assembly and parallel departments? We have provided the answer at the beginning by differentiating between external and internal conflicts. The participation in country politics the Hazara society and the Hazara political parties are working for resolving external conflicts and by participating in national politics they resolve the internal conflicts.

2- Consensus: Certainly the difference of opinions and interests are a natural process so we cannot stop of emergence of community organizations (Chanda Qawmi) and political parties. The emergence of new political parties is curse in a society lack institutionalized but it would be bless if the society is institutionalized. In institutionalized societies the political parties are in a constant struggle to evolve hence are the sources of leadership for the society. Reaching consensus requires a civic process, where knowledge, creativity and commitment have upper hand over all other aspects. Consensus is an accepted collective judgment of a society and is a measure of the civilization of a society at a time in history. Hence the best minds of a society should come to assembly that could evolve a knowledgeable collective judgment. If a society succeeds in developing such an assembly, certainly they will be in their way to lead the world.

3- Authority: The authority that results from consensus is not power but responsibility. Those who want to lead the society looks to authority as responsibility. Those who come to politics to serve and lead prepare themselves by participating in political processes and when gain authority use their preparations, experiences and creative approach to lead society and reconstruct it to lead out of internal and external conflicts.

Hazara society facing extreme dangers to its essence and existence need to reset the foundations of its politics and political processes and even to rethink the politics itself. Until Hazara societies do not institutionalized they can’t resolve their internal and external conflicts.

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