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Monday, November 28, 2011

Century of humanities

In the start of the 20th century there were several social and economical systems which were replacing the empires and feudal systems. The enthusiasms of nation states and revolutions were on the verge of testing. The communism, socialism, capitalism and democracy were the dominant political and economical systems were quickly adopting by nation states. It was the first times that nations were rivaling each other by their political and economic systems. All the political and economical systems that were going to be practiced were not the inventions of the 20th century itself but were based on centuries old philosophies or inspired from older civilizations. Both communism and democracy have been practiced in ancient Greek and Inca civilizations. The philosophies have developed before the 20th century. Both rival economic systems were using the scientific and technological inventions and discoveries to prove the success of their approaches in managing societies. The science and technology are the producing forces and the political and economical systems are the managing forces. The science and technology expand a society and the political and economic systems evolve a society. If the political and economic systems were misused or they failed to manage the progress and expansions that result from scientific and technological advancements then the benefits of these expansions will concentrate in hands of few and most of the society will only struggle to survive.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the Chinese communism has seen a partial shift towards capitalism. The controlled transitions of the communist China were breaking both capitalist and communist principles. Similarly, the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian Federation adopted capitalism. End of 20th century were evident of the victory of capitalism and democracy. The USA with capitalist and democratic characteristics rose as a single power of the world. It was thought that democracy and capitalism is the ultimate political and economical systems that world has reached to. The situation is comparable to Newtonian or classical physics. The classical physicist thought that they are equipped with natural philosophy that can explain every natural processes and forces but the quantum mechanics come out surprise to physicist and introduced an endless natural phenomenon that were unexplained. The natural phenomenon that explained created a parallel world to classical physics. Now theoretical physicists working for both exposures and creations of the amazes that quantum mechanics will create.

Capitalism and democracy had a triumph start at the start of both new century and millennium. But just eight years after the start of new century and new millennium the world had different realization. The financial markets were collapsing one after another. The corporations and markets were coping were their survival. The people start to rethink about alternate currencies or the hard assets to save their earning and deposits to be not robbed by market players. The governments all over the world interfered with markets and started pouring public money to save private companies and financial markets. It was first time the world have seen the collapse of capitalism. To save capitalism the socialists acts become essential. I know that a working system can continue working by making continuous injections but they fail to fulfill the basic purpose and that is evolution of society and providing the benefits of the scientific and technological advancements to the all parts of society. Similarly the people would simply name it a temporary recession to cover the failure of a system and similarly indicate the functioning of systems and by objective examples prove to people that it is the sole and ultimate system that we have no choice but to live with and live in.

On other hand the world saw rise of new forces. The China, Russia, India and Muslim world are the rising forces of the new century. The old power is struggling to maintain its power by show of power, so we have seen the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine and threats to Iran. The Balkanization of Asia is also another factor that struggles are included. The triumph of democracy faded when the democracy brought Hamas in power in the Palestine and the Iranian revolutions continued democratically to resist the domination efforts. The globalization both in terms of the more informed, empowered people and the growing role of people in global economics are threats to world domination and controlled governance both through socialists and capitalists democracies.

Just like post modernism where the distinctions between values and realities have no meaning. It is the individuals who make random values and meaning for themselves, the world politics changed its course from ideal divisions to interest based divisions. Now it has no meaning what you are and what are doing but it is more important than how much you can benefit me whether my benefits costing heavy losses to world or not. It seems that ideologies are dying and the people have no way except letting themselves to the flow of time.

Some people say that in previous century we were so busy in scientific and technological as well as in political and economical rivalries that we couldn’t afford to realize our achievements and their uses but were competing with each other. Now this century is the century of realization. I endorse this approach because we have ended with a lot of problems as well as resources but without any method to manage them. It is the management of societies that the core problem of the 21st century as well as new millennium. The world needs not to repair the old systems but to create whole sets of new systems both in politics and economics that match the true nature of globalization. The present globalization is a mess that the people of the world are trapped in and have to live in. This will lead to new philosophies as well as new set of political and economical sciences. It is why I am saying that the present century is the century of humanities because from education, family system to political and economical systems all will be redefined.

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