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Thursday, December 1, 2011

What should be excluded from free market economy? (Opinion)

A few years before we were reading about financial crises in the papers but now we read them in the faces and behaviores of people. People have different opinions about financial crises but one thing all agree on that financial crises occur from time to time. If it happens from time to time so it is the responsibility of the governments to know which of the society is most vulnerable to these crises and what kind of the prevention benefit them most?
As it is concerned to me, my analysis is, the basic social services like, health, education and community housing should be excluded from free market economy. I accept that free market economy is necessary for harnessing the creativity, leadesrship and education of a nation. However health, education and community housing for those who can't afford private housing or renting is the most basic human needs that has no harm to creative competativeness.
A hundred percent private health services mean denying life to a lot of people who cannot afford it. A hundred percent private higher education means denying high education to a lot of talented poor students who deserve but can't afford it.

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