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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Understanding debt

We frequently hear about economic debt and ecological debt but perhaps one more serious debt that affect greatly both of the previous debts are understanding debt. We are living in a globalized world where you find tons of the articles and books about global thinking and strategies but there is not a serious effort to make the global thinking a part of mind of masses. Specialized articles, books and conferences are feeding only the minds of elites who are supposed to have a good understanding of societies across the nations. However what feed public minds are the news channels, Newspapers, movies, novels, blogs, commonly read magazines and celebrities from politicians, actors to writers. Unfortunately these sources of informations are more interested in creating fascinations out of dramatizing and fantasizing the news and stories and hence increasing misunderstanding and mistrusts.

It is illogical to think of finding a homogenized society in any corner of the world. All socities are heterogenous. Extremists, moderates, seculars and aliens (those who don't care about anything except their personal lives) are solid parts of every society. The proportions of these categories change over time depends who get more projections, supports and benefits. Certainly projecting extremists and treating people of a color, race, nationality or religion with a single stick mean giving more projections and supports to extremists or in other words pushing a society toward extremism.

In this age of information masses are really ignorant about societies that they categorize as "others". In current global scenario, masses in west including college and university students are ignorant about muslim societies and the same is true about the muslim world. Masses in muslim world is ignorant about western societies including college and university students. Poeple claim that they have a thorough understanding of th issues but their main source of knowledge is News channles, internet, newspapers, documentaries, blogs, movies, etc which are all objective in their reports. It is what I call understanding debt.

What of the main reasons that people resist to know about other societies is the anger and prejudice that they have about others. Main cause of prejudice and anger is rooted in ignorance. When people are angry they lose their logic and sense of judgment and react violently or try to humiliate others. These actions create chain reactions which increase the gulf between two parties.

Making your opponent angry is a well known strategy in gambling, sports, politics and of course wars. In 2006 world cup, Materazzi played this strategy very well. He used offensive words to make Zidane angry and with an angry reaction Zidane not only France lost the world cup but it aslo resulted in end of Zidane glorious career.

The same game is played globally by Muslim world and West, the supposed opponents of the conflicts. The extremists in Muslim world use suicide bombings, target killings, abductions, etc to make people in West angry and they are playing well as media is projecting them. The same is true with Western extremists. They use sketches of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and other ways to insult muslims. They are successful in their aims as Muslim world is helping them by becoming angry, protesting against them, burning shops, attacking ambassies and so on. Some failed people, who failed to get recognition in their domains exploit these situations. Artists use sketches to get fame in West and failed people join the ranks of extremists to get populairty in Muslim world.

It is time that masses in both muslim world and west stop helping extremists by being indifferent to these people and all sources which feed public minds try to educate people and hence decrease the understanding deficiet. Every year we see conferences on climate change and also global NGO's and Universities across the globe doing research and conservation work on climate change and related issues as a threat to humanity. However we don't see any knind of efforts to reconcile these conflicts. The whole issue is surrounding Israel-Palestine conflict. It is only one part of conflict that could be solved by creating more understanding among masses of West and Muslim world. The Arab-Israel issue is difficult to solve because people are very sensitive to issue and it is politically very costly. Hence no leader has enough courage to deal with it seriously. All plays it to gain more political weight rather than to solve. It is all the result of misunderstang. As this issue is long so we may look in future about its economic aspect (Bycotting products and also economic sanctions).

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