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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scientific aesthetics

Beauty, truth and uniqueness are the foundation of an aesthetics and Science is filled with these three factors so we can categorize the aesthetically parts of nature that science brings to us as scientific aesthetics. Both Scientific ideas as well as what science reveals to us are unique and beautiful. Scientific ideas are much special as not all are attracted to them because they require a level of understanding and mental labor to appreciate them. But still the worlds that Science reveals is appealing to all. Unique creatures of deep oceans, insect world, unique plants and trees, world of galaxies, stars, planets and moons and microscopic world are all what all get puzzles and attracted to them. It is my common experience as a lecturer of geology that rocks, minerals attracts all but fossils and petrologic microscope puzzle students and it takes time to become noraml and out of puzzlings. But a researcher who knows the underlying facts and can reconstruct mentally will never stop puzzling and discovering the hidden parts of nature that science reveal to him.

Lets have an aesthetic tour,

1- Unique insects:

2- Unique sea life:

3- Unique organisms of past:

4- Unique plants:

Granite is beautiful decorative rocks that is used in building constructions and decorative industry. But crystals in granite do not change colors. It is not right under crossed nicols in petrographic microscopes. See the following video to observe the changing of colors. Is not aesthetic?

6- Unique telescopic world:

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