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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Prophet of Mind

Preface to Prophet of Mind

“Hard is real to unlearn the loves that your heart is accustomed to.”

Men in every stage of their lives have internal conflicts to resolve. Successful strategies ending in successful resolving of these conflicts grow a personality to a happier, self reliant and confident personality. All these characters make one more ambitious not only in thinking bigger but to stand for them with stronger determinations. Successful strategies that are the foundation of this process require tools to create these templates. Certainly the most effective tool is expression. The individuals who succeed to find their medium of expressions grow quickly to distinguish themselves and easily resolve all internal conflicts on time.
There is an easy puzzle that all know its answer unconsciously but it reveals to few. The puzzle is, if nearly all people communicate each other via speaking, writing, body language or any other form then why a large mass of people fail at some stage of their life to resolve the internal conflict? The answer is really easy and is a matter of general observation. Though they communicate with each other but they hide what they really are? They hide what they really feel and think. Why? because they are afraid of becoming wrong. Due to fear of being wrong they burry a large part of their personality under shades fact images that they try to create and present to world.
The pain and conflict between adopted and imitated image and real hidden personality slow down the growth of one’s personality. The real personality of an individual is his mind. The only way to liberate the hidden personality from deep shades of fake images is to own the mind. To own the ideas, emotions, feelings, imaginations and expressions that one has. Owning of mind requires expression. Unfortunately, mediums of expressions require art, knowledge and have rules to learn and follow. So these requirements make the windows of opportunity fewer and special to those who met these requirements.
But it is not a problem because creativity is always rebellious in its nature and breaks down the rules at ease of its expressions. When I was a school going child, I was constructing stories to amuse my friends but as I grew older I lost the opportunity self expression via storytelling to newly acquiring facts, logics and reasoning that I was acquiring from society and schooling. It was a painful period for me because I was exposed to ocean of knowledge and information through books and teachers but I had no way to express my opinions. My mind was not accepting the world as I was discovering it. The world views that I was exposing to them and they were to convince me to observe the world through their perspectives was not acceptable for me. I wanted to break down those mirrors that were no showing the images as I wanted by creating my own world views. In meanwhile I was curious reading books in different disciplines and also about thoughts and lives of individuals whose thoughts and world views have changed the world. My search to find thoughts or life styles from these great men that were in harmony with those of mine to convince myself that I am not alone were less successful. Besides, literature, philosophy, science, media, business and others had their own giants with their own world views and also there were major events that not only changed the individuals but entire nations. It was unbearable for me to accept that though individuals have to select a discipline as their field of specialty but how they couldn’t have their own opinions about the ideas of the giant of these disciplines that were deciding their fate. But again the same problem that all disciplines have their own specialized mediums that need expertise. It was the time that I was drawing white pigeons flying and sometimes a white pigeon with broken wing.
It was the summer of 1997 that I got admission to college. In our first week while we making new friends, one of these new friends by name of Hassan told me about a little but impressive book about art of speech. I requested him the book but there were others also in waiting list. After two or three weeks I got this little book. From this little book I learnt a few practical points that really changed my life. Though the wordings are not same but the basic points were as follows,
1- Never neglect your ideas as unimportant.
2- Record your ideas by writing them down in your own words and style either it is a sentence, a paragraph or in any other forms at your ease.
3- Always use your own ideas while expressing yourself as originality is more effective and impressive than quoting giants of knowledge.
This methodology liberated me and I started to explore myself my owning my mind. This method or better to say medium enabled me to resolve an internal conflict by expressing me with my own ease. I found no other medium strong and flexible enough to let you express yourself so thoroughly and reveal yourself so deep than aphorisms. I am amazed that why people haven’t yet used the aphorisms as they adopted other forms of literature?
There is nothing to become amazed for as there is one thing that stop people to adopt aphorism and that is the “fear of becoming wrong”. I always say that beauty never can be wrong about itself because beauty is distinguished but not specified. No one has come out with the definition of beauty as beauty is. So letting the imaginations appear in the forms of beauty make you distinguished rather than wrong. In “Prophet of Mind” I haven’t organized the aphorisms under proper subjects but written down as they were born out of nowhere. The main reason was to not harm the chronological order and originality of expressions. Imaginations are random just like dreams of babies and when they become organized they grow into ideas testable to tests and tastes. I let the “prophet of mind” to remain in the form of imaginations so it could serve its purpose to spark imaginations and help readers express themselves and grow liberate their personalities out of shadows they have constructed to vastness of liberty.


Here is a story that is story of all. The story is about becoming “distinguished………..”. How one is going to become distinguished is a problem ahead of all in all stages of their lives to solve. But there is a way for all. All can choose the way and become distinguished. The way is “You can become distinguished simply BY OVERCOMING THE DISABILITIES YOU HAVE”. Helen Keller became distinguished by overcoming the darkness imposed to her by deafness and blindness. Disability doesn’t mean physical disability as in case of Helen Keller because all of us have physical disabilities. Human eye is blind to waves higher to violet color and lower than red colors. Due to these limitations distant stars are invisible to us. Microbial world that we live with is invisible to us. We only become aware of them by symptoms or changes in our foods they cause. Our ear is deaf to all sounds of radio frequencies and ultrasonic sounds so we are unable to hear the sounds that are all around us broadcasted and communicated by fellow human. The same is true for our other senses. Hence in order to overcome these physical disabilities the scientists have created microscopes, telescopes, spectrometry, radios, radars, and thousands of other instruments. Why Scientists are praised and honored? because they have succeeded to overcome a lot of physical disabilities and made themselves distinguished. By overcoming these physical disabilities they introduced human to invisible ancient worlds of earth history, history of life, world of microscopes, galaxies and world of inside of our cells and our heredity genes. By advancements of Science and technologies we are overcoming these physical disabilities that we all have. So it is proved that physical disabilities are common to all human.
Now that we have defined “Disability” and “Distinguished” we can go to define another noun and that is “disease”. Disruption of the ability is called disease. An infection may blind one and cause diarrhea in another. The first one was able to see but lost its ability to see by disease and second one was able to digest but lost temporarily his ability to digest due to disease. From genetic perspectives viruses and bacteria that cause diseases are only doing their duty and that is spreading their genetic material using your body cells. But viruses and bacteria have their limitations. They can’t cause illness to those who have developed immunity against them but damage badly who haven’t developed immunity. Hence people travel in new places are more in danger of local viruses and bacteria and the locals are in danger of viruses and bacteria that the traveler is carrying with himself.
The most essential ability in humans that distinguish it from all other forms of the living organisms is the ability to think and judge well. The thinking ability of men chiefly relies on ideas and information they get. Misinformation and wrong ideas are like viruses and bacteria that use human mind for propagations of their genes and make one disable to think and judge properly. Scientists have developed vaccines that make human immune to particular bacteria but what about IMMUNITY OF HUMAN MIND? Is there is any immune system?
The answer is YES. Strengthening of personal judgments is the best immune system against infectious ideas and information. How to strengthen the personal judgments? It is all “Prophet of mind is all about”. Providing with method as well as well ideas to think through is a real way to start. Sometimes you have ideas to express but are unfamiliar with methods to express it. Your best ideas may die before they develop to maturity to help you have strong opinions and strong judgments on the issues. On other hand you may are familiar with methodology and technology to express yourself but lack ideas to work on or get inspirations to start with. Here the ideas are presented in random just like imaginations. You may go through them and find yourself in conflict with them and got your own ideas. If these aphorisms succeed to make you think and get ideas then they have served their purpose.
The adventure of the overcoming disability never ends because it is a chain reaction. The new facts that come out of invisible worlds will leads to new ways for overcoming more disabilities. Just the fact that genes code for proteins was enough for Scientists to think of new possibilities and to overcome the physical disabilities. Genetic engineering and biotechnology have become the leading sciences of the today. On the other hand just knowing the fact that brain is the main organ to control almost all human functions and behavior is enough for neuroscientists to experiments with brain and brain areas to overcome the functional and behavioral disabilities. It is involved both hope and fear. Hope to overcome the disabilities and fear the knowledge and skill may b used to disable mental abilities.
It is the ideas and inventions of the Michael Faraday on the electromagnetic devices that led to generation of electricity and motor technology that revolutionized the abilities of men. Do you think that your life will be in good shape without electrical appliances and devices in your home, work areas, shopping centers and recreational centers? One really feels disabled without computers to connect with brain of world (World Wide Web).
OK! I have just given you some examples that are known by almost all and are boring to repeat. You may have already gotten bore of repetitions that I made. But it is important to note though after boredom that “Knowing a fact is enough to work for overcoming the disabilities that we have and becoming distinguished”.
Now it is time to come towards a disability that is common to all and it is what this entire book is all about. “IT IS THE DISABILITY TO OWN THE MIND”. All the people from a baby to a scientist that is working on the frontiers of knowledge are wrestling with their minds. The relation of human with their minds was never an easy relation. After spending whole his life wrestling with his mind Descartes declared, “I think therefore I am”. It was the declaration of owning of mind after a lifetime tough relations with his mind. Aristotle was stopping people on streets of Athens and start cross questioning to know how much they own their minds. His life ended by drinking poison rather to leave the ownership of his mind. It is fashionable to quote Einstein in discussions related to mind and brain, so here is a quote from Einstein, “Imaginations is more important than knowledge”. It is really difficult for some people to digest it. Einstein is simply explaining himself by saying that his imaginations about the theory of relativity is more important that theory of relativity itself. How?
There are masses of academics, students and immature who have learnt and worked with theory of relativity but they didn’t became distinguished as Einstein. The reason is simple; they got the knowledge but not the imaginations that generate knowledge. Einstein became distinguished because he developed the imaginations that generated the theory of relativity. HENCE, ignoring imaginations as unimportant or the fear that they may be wrong is an act of killing knowledge at the bud. Besides the imaginations and ideas that are not expressed is lost or in other words, killed. What if an idea proved wrong? It is still a contribution to knowledge as you let people know that this idea is wrong.

One of the ability of humankind that distinguish it from other organisms is the ability of prediction based on the knowledge and reasoning. But because of enormous amounts of researches and creative works the predictions are becoming more and more difficult and uncertain. Every new discovery or invention opens the doors for new possibilities. Every individual had limited capacity of time, energy and resources to invest and expend. Uncertainties sometimes cause loss of crucial time, energy and resources. Again a personal judgment is what that is important in guiding and safeguarding of preventing key losses in key times. People take refuge into different practices in order to save them of uncertainties but there is a guide residing in every skull. How much this guide that is always available for help is reliable depends on how much one relies on it. “Prophet of mind” is not only a name but a message, “Own your mind rather to have it”.

Read the book here,

Prophet of Mind

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