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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Popular Culture is a business strategy

Now days promoted crazes hit the big cities of the world and it is categorized under the name of the popular culture. Actually these trends are the business strategies of multi national companies that can be categorized under the pseudo culture but not as a culture. Culture is the values that a society or a nation develops. Values have a higher rank than laws as law are minimum requirements of a society while values are the degrees of the excellence in the society.

Multinational companies can build and promote a peculiar trend through advertisements but can’t create cultures, as the sets of the values that develop under a culture do not support the business strategies. The world of business is very unpredictable and the world of the values is very clear and visionary that the two worlds are most of the time in conflicts with each others.

Yes it is right that the life of the people is more influenced through extensive advertisements rather than cultures but again the choices that people make are based on cultural values and boundaries. Values evolve and remain there intact but business strategies will change and the popular cultures raised by them give way to new trends. Values are organic, means they grow as they are enriched by knowledge and human experiences, hence they have very strong influence in the positive learning, while popular culture have negative learning effects.

The most drastic difference in every aspects of the human life is the difference of purpose. The popular culture has no purpose except of the promotion of particular or a set of products or services but values are always purposed for the human excellence. Popular culture is comparable to post modernism. As post modernism is the meaning of meaninglessness so is the popular culture.

I think post modern is designed and propagated to control the powers that modern men have got from creativity, knowledge and connectivity through different medium. Surely, organized, creative, aware and able modern men would change the world by leaving little space for exploitations and injustices. But alas! Post modernism and popular culture divided men by the name of individuality and personal choices and personal identities. This division led modern men to unorganized and confused creative individuals who could be easily influenced by the small personal interests and whose potentials could easily exploited.

Surely, the human societies are organic and they can’t be in same situation for long. As the mass media that once was totally owned and regulated by multinational companies and states are leaving their way to small personal media. The World Wide Web and the social networks are playing important role in this context. These personal web sites and social networks will make people more logical as the people become more accustomed and familiar with them. This is a source of hope for next generation of modern men. Surely, the values will make their way through logical people and multinational companies, businesses and states will not resist for long to desires and wishes of people. These changes in medias and hence in behavior of people will force the businesses to change their strategies to make more room for values also.

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