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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Non violence movements in Hazara Society

Non violence movements in India, South Africa and United States is not a strange phenomenon as both governments and people in these areas have long roots in ancient civilization and modern civilization where the people are settled in pluralistic and democratic cultures. But in Afghanistan in a country where for more than one and half century the Hazaras are massacred, enslaved, forcefully displaced, heavily taxed, forcefully converted, kept in siege, looted, burned and have banned from participation in governance and have kept in cave age with no modern civic developments, again the Hazaras takes the most democratic means of non violence movements for their rights is really strange. IT IS REALLY STRANGE BECAUSE THE US and the EU is well aware of the history and present conditions of Hazaras and Hazarajat and their cooperation with US and EU but they have left Hazaras to mercy of those forces that have been involved in massacres and exploitation of Hazaras.

The Non violence in Hazara Society is really strange as Hazaras had a parallel revolution against feudalism when the world involved in war against the invasion of USSR into Afghanistan. Hazaras also involved in armed struggle during the communist era and post communist era of Mujahiddin periods. A nation who is involved in thirty years of arms struggle, how could
switched into non violence movements?

The answer is simple. It is the trust of Hazara nation in the freedom, liberty, democracy, human rights and all civic principles based on which the modern globalized societies have laid their foundations. It is also the trust of Hazaras on the international forces that are shedding their blood and investing their resources to curb extremism and terrorism that Hazaras have fought against for more than one and a half century.

If the international community really wants to have great achievements in Afghanistan and to see the results of the blood they have shed and the resources that have invested in the Afghanistan they have to help the Hazara community and making Hazarajat able to home the modern civilized nation of Hazaras. Hazarajat can become symbol of achievements and a hub to change Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East.

Non Violence movement in Afghanistan:

One of the tactics that the Afghan Kings and establishments used for ethnic cleansing of Hazaras and confiscating their lands were Kuchis. For thirty of parallel revolution in Hazarajat, the Kuchis didn’t come to Hazarajat because they knew their historical records and the anger of Hazaras against them. But as soon as the Transitional governments established due to the Bonn agreements and there were no space for ethnic cleansing and confiscating of Hazara land, once again the Kuchis were used with support of racist supremacist and religious extremists. The armed nomads (Kuchis) start killing and kidnapping people, burning fields and homes and looting homes, cattle and grain reserves of people.

These invasions of Kuchis could be stopped by arms and could start a civil war. A nation which has fought thirty years of wars could manage and build a capacity for more wars but still Hazaras chose peaceful means.

1- Hazaras have completely disarmed under Diag project and changed their armed faction into political movements.
2- The political leadership of Hazaras several times met with president Karzai and requested him to stop and ban on invasions of Kuchis and also raise their voices in national Parliament.
3- As the government as well as international community is ignored they threatened for separation of Diag project and national government.
4- When again there were again the continuity of policy of ignoring and inactivity so the Hazara leader, Ustad Mohammad Muhaqiq went on hunger strike in protest to ignoring the bloodshed and occupation of Hazara lands.
5- The large demonstrations in Kabul, Heart, Mazar and Bamiyan in favor of protests of Ustad Muhaqiq. It forced the government to withdraw the Kuchis from Hazarajat.

Non Violence movements in Hazaras of Pakistan:

From March 2004 till April 2008, more than 250 Hazaras are killed by suicide bombings and serial target killings in which their political leaderships, professionals, government officials, traders and common men are all equally targeted. The purpose was to slow down Hazaras economic and administrative successes they have achieved as well as to indulge them in sectarian and ethnic conflicts to change the change progressive democratic of Hazaras to an extremist societies. Hazara society in Quetta has a well developed and civilized community so they chose non violence movements.

1- Hazaras with cooperation of Union of Traders of Baluchistan held a week of protest in which peaceful demonstrations in different areas of city and press conferences.
2- Several seminars were held within Hazara community.
3- After a week of demonstrations the grand inter tribal, inter political parties jirga (meeting) was held in the General Mohammad Musa Khan College, where several proposals were recommended.
4- The proposals of grand jirga were presented to Baluchistan Assembly which were passed unanimously and asked the provincial governments to act on resolution.
The newspaper, THE NEWS, reported this way,

BA slams target killings of Hazaras,demands arrest of terrorists


QUETTA: The Balochistan Assembly (BA) on Tuesday unanimously adopted a resolution, condemning the target killings of Hazara tribesmen and settlers and demanding of the government to arrest the terrorists and perpetrators involved in the target killings in Quetta.

Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhotani presided over the session. The resolution was tabled by PPP lawmaker Jan Ali Changezi. The mover, expressing concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan, including the provincial capital, demanded of the government to implement the recommendations of the “Grand Jirga” held on March 18, 2009 in the city.”
It is really strange to me that Hazaras even under intense pressures and losses maintained their peaceful means of struggle while terrorism and violence is part of very small and negligible tribes and communities all over Pakistan. Hazaras living in heart of capital city of Baluchistan with half a million population and strong educational and economic achievements has the capacity to cease the city’s activities and they have proved that they have the capacity to do so by resisting the Marshal Law of Zia Ul Haq who hanged the most popular leader of Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto without resistance. The resistance of Hazaras against Zia Ul Haq’s dictatorship and Army operation on Hazara community in July of 1985 proved that Hazaras can’t accept illegitimate and undemocratic decisions in which their rights are challenged. And when a democratic government adopt a policy of ignoring and pressing people who have elected them then non violence movements along with building trust in fellow tribes and nations they can achieve their rights as well as prove their basic identity.

First Published in April 6th, 2009

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