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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Muslims are suffering from lack of confidence:

The participation of Muslim women in current UK elections caught the attention of press and BBC started saying that Muslim women are more confident in West than Muslim women in Muslim world. Really!!!!!! For a moment I was thinking the Muslims women in West and I couldn't come up with good numbers of muslim women with big achievements in West. When I looked back, I found the Myrtyre Banzir Bhutto who elected twice as prime minister of Pakistan, Fahmida Mirza, current Speak of National Assembly and National assembly of Pakistan with 30% women representative. If we look back when find Muslim women like Fatima Jinnah (Mother of Pakistani nation) and Rana Liqat Ali Khan (the wife of first Pakistani Prime minister) struggling for Independance of Muslims of India. If we look to neighboring Iran which is blamed for restricting rights of women, you will find women in every sphere of life with highest rates of education in region. From parliment to medical science to businesses everywhere woem are crowded. When I met an Iranian girl at Dubai airport who was going to Shanghai and she was alone and sole representative of his company for business talks. I was amazed of differences of pictures that we get from media about Iranian women and actual Iranian women that we met.

Let's go to the most backward and war torn country of the region, Afghanistan which is famous for its harsh Taliban culture. We find women like Habiba Sarabi the governer of Bamiyan Province of Hazarajat who struggle and voice for her ignored people and Dr. Seema samara the head of human rights who voice for human rights especailly rights of women.

Though these are bright pictures from Muslim world that we see no comparison in West but still the majority of Muslim women in majority of muslim world have no voice as they are not exist. Sure! here the Muslim women lack confidece. This lack of confidece is defect of their essence but the systems that have enslaved them.

More important than this issue is the lack of confidence in Muslim intellectuals that I clearly observe. The lack of confidece in Muslim intellectuals are not only limited in Muslim world but also clearly observable in West. They cann't express themselves. It is not because they don't beleive in their ideas or in integrity of their ideas but because of lack of commitment that knowledge ask for.

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