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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Middle point technique for Major and minor struggles


Progression is inevitable and evolution is ultimate. The progression may be positive or negative. It is the evolution that decides which progressions are positive and should evolve to survival and which progression had to be steadily erased. These are commonly expressed as “Natural selection” or “survival of fittest”. What all organisms or bodies of organisms do is struggle for survival.

How an organism struggle: OR in other words what are the tools of struggle OR mechanism of struggle?

The tools or mechanism of struggle is known as adaptations.

If we apply the above mentioned definitions to human society we come to following conclusions:

1- In struggle for survival the major importance for an individual human being is his/her survival OR in other words the greater part in struggle is served in the struggle for the survival of the individual human being. We can call it as Major Struggle. Major struggle is also endorsed by human society. Human societies have a series of institutions to help an individual in his major struggle for survival:

(i) The most important and natural institution is, family. When a baby can’t help himself survive, it is family which helps him learn the basic tool or adaptations for survival.

(ii) Culture

(iii) Religion

(iv) Civil laws

(v) Schools, colleges, universities, religious institutions like mosques, churches, temples, etc

These all institutions are to help individuals become able successful in their struggle for survival. It takes long, expensive and painstaking processes that an individual human being become able to sustain their survival. Hence the major part of struggle of an individual human being is involved in major struggle.

2- The second part of survival is involved in survival of social institutions which help individuals in their survival. An individual hardly survive without society so it is natural that all individuals contribute their parts for survival of social institutions which are key to individuals’ survival. As these contributions are minor so we can call them as Minor Struggle.

Major Struggle:

As now it is resolved that the largest part of the struggle is involved in individuals struggle for survival and there are social institutions which help individuals become able to sustain in their major struggle it is time to work for improvement of the techniques for major struggle. Following is the general approach of societies.

1- As system an individual is composed of different systems (digestive system, nervous system, respiratory system, and excretory system), every system composed of organs, organs composed of tissues and tissues composed of specialized cell, so an individual in himself is an organization.

2- As an individual is an organization so maintaining this organization should be like a large organization. It should have monetary system based on values and objectives.

3- Every society has laws, cultures and religions which define which acts are beneficial for this organization and are appreciated and which acts are dangerous for this organization and are depreciated.

4- Cultures and religions have rituals and practices that evolve men in their major struggles.

5- The appreciated values by laws, religions and cultures should be examined by scientific methods to evaluate the ways they are presented and are prescribed to improve them to best of the human knowledge.

The values are there and similarly the rituals and practices are there to help men evolve in their major struggles but these values and rituals have lost their effectiveness due to unfamiliarity of individuals with their objectives and underlying facts. I have my own approach in my major struggle writing here by keeping in mind that it may help someone else in his major struggle as well getting a suggestion for better techniques. I call my technique as a middle point technique and is as follows:

1- The monitoring system is an essential part of an organization to maintain its achievements well as functionality. The best practice that I am practicing since my school times is self accountability. My teachers taught me that every night that we prepare ourselves to sleep it is the best time for a self accountability because you have finished a whole day struggle and you are preparing for another day of struggle. One has to recall the memories of whole day’s activities and thoughts and evaluates them against the values. Which of his actions were in accordance to values and become part of his achievements and improvements and which of his actions and thoughts were against the values and degraded him. Now it is time to plan for the tomorrow. One has to divide the whole time to best use his time and plan what acts he has to do to improve him. It is very essential for self accountability that one becomes of habitual of present himself to himself before sleep for accountability. Self accountability is a strong tool for choosing best adaptations in major struggle for survival.

2- In worships one speaks to one he believes is his creator. The basic purpose is accountability and help. He knows that the creator have set rules and values and speaking to him is one kind of accepting of the misacts and promises of future well acts, so the worships is another kind of self accountability which makes one able to best adaptations in his major struggle for survival.

3- As every night is a point between two days (A day passed for accountability and a day coming for planning) similarly ones position in society is a point between people with lesser position than him and people with higher position than him. Here is the test of values and achievements. Here one has to help the people with lesser positions and compete with those who are with higher position. The method is simple. Teach the people with lower positions and learn from those with higher position. Both teaching and learning is a noble act and approach both in helping himself and helping others. When we talk of teaching and learning we never mean of formal teaching and learning methods. Creating opportunities and behaving with good manners with lower positions are ways of teaching. Studying methods and devising methods for competing for higher positions are methods of learning.

Minor Struggle:

Minor struggle is to establish and help the institutions in society, in its struggle for survival. Survival is not only means existence in societal terms but standard livings and a collective struggle for certain objectives. As we have already discussed there are institutions in society that bind society towards standards and collective objectives. The most fundamental of these institutions is family. Everyone is part one or several institutions and these institutions decide the fates of individuals. As everyone is part of an institution or several institutions so everyone has a middle position. He can teach and learn to make the institutions strong, functional and more reliable and hence help them in their struggle for survival.

Minor struggle can lead to great achievements if the individuals are trained and evolved through major struggles and major struggles are followed objectively. The greatest asset of minor struggle is individuals who evolve themselves through major struggles. Everyone can and should contribute to minor struggle but how to lead these contributions must be set by professionals because the radical contributions may lead to chaos.

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