One's personality is both a composition and reflection, but if I have to choose one of them, I will choose reflection as the "self" is more important to me than "me". One's composition may change, walking across the cultural landscapes and climbing the social ladder but one's self is tied to one's reflections. The fun part is that reflections are not bound to "Time-Space" barriers ( it is not time-space) and respective mental constructs, which have grown so thick over ages, that they had reduced the image of humans to Sisyphus, rolling different sizes of boulders on hills of different heights.… As the name of this Blog indicates, knols are my perspectives on topics of interests, sweet/bitter experiences or just doodling :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It Is Not Raining To Wash My Tears

The eyes can’t cover the heights of towers
Mind slept when failed measuring powers
Stomachs are filled but bodies are exhausted
As roses replaced by plastic flowers

It is not raining to wash my tears
There is no cry to awake my ears
Cessations are ruling over passions
As greediness leads the careers

O! My dear heart, don’t wish those wings
That devoured the crowns of Kings
Hew in a way your rocked fortune
That led those who were off the hinges

It is the end of end
Beginning of a new trend
For proud of beauty and glory of mind
I told my heart to be kind
I washed my blood to whiteness of peace
That could bond with every possible bind

But I was wrong of thinking equality
Lord have decided the rule of superiority
Lord may help me of avoiding sympathy
Keeping thicker the blood remain my priority

It is the end of end
And beginning of a new trend
We have to pay for every move of history
Until evils of hearts have to surrender

But Nearer Is My Skin
It was the place where I was born
How strange! All images of childhood torn
A pleasure more than pleasure of childhood
No glimpse of old evening, morning and noon

It was a total change but everything was splendid
A change in manners was a progress indeed
Everyone was busy but silence was by its pleasant softness
Cleanliness was as evident as heart of a candid

My pleasures changed to proud when I met my kith and kin
Near is my shirt but nearer is my skin
Awareness has washed the last dots of sin
It proved that from determination, God’s will could be win

Days later, my hearts filled with din
I threw my all impression into bin
Things that I searched were out of scene
Fish’s tail is not much different from fish’s fin
Never seen a wrestler that by himself wrestled
The attractive but empty shell whistled

When there is no direction then greed rule
That between a castle, many have castled
I pray to Allah that wisdom may kiss them
And ostentations may not tease them
That their beliefs do not bow to doubts
Time may not see their children’s eyes out

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