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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is technology, the new god? (Opinion)

In God we trust. Really? It is the question that have raised new questions. People living with modern world perspective practically believe more in technology than believing in concepts prevailed in traditional world views. Religious beliefs and rituals are now categorized as superstitions. People with modern world views argue that if you pray, you are not sure, whether your prayers are accepted or not but when you use technology, you are certain of solutions. Hence though people may not accpet verbally but they do accept it practically.

However there is another perspective and that is the perspective of nature. Men try to solve its problems through use of technology but then they found the harms that they did. When human realize of the losses due to their actions it is too late to repair them. The ecological loss due to deforestation, over-exploitations, defragmentations, introduciton of invasive species and pollutions have resulted in loss of critical species that were providing essential ecological services. Certainly, technology may solve some of the problems but at costs not even comparable if we had just saved them. The services the ecosystems provide to us is much cheaper and sustainable than services that we want to provide by innovations and technology. Throughout history men were believing in different gods, godesses and in one God. If technology is a new god, then it is a god that has paradise in one hand and hell on other and he use both of his hands.

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