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Friday, December 2, 2011

Is "Arab Spring" the 2nd Great Arab Revolt? (Opinion)

Though we look to current rapidly changing Middle East as "Arab Spring" and a move towards a democratic Middle East but it is also interesting to know the 2nd and less heard opinions on this situation... I thought it is not going to harm if we learn about this perspective also and it goes like,

The first great Arab Revolt was against the Ottoman Empire funded chiefly by British Empire to reshape the Middle East... The current controlled revolutions in Arab countries entitled as "Arab Spring" seems like a 2nd Great Arab Revolt to reshape the Middle East... and it was inspired and based on the first great Arab revolt... The first Arab Revolt not only torn apart Ottoman empire into many Arab dynasties but also reduced Ottoman Empire into much smaller secular Turkey. Besides, it also gifted the Arab-Israel conflict... It might look like a "conspiracy theory" but international interference, military interventions and sanctions definitely cause doubts on the indigenous nature of these revolts and it helps emergence of theories like that of 2nd Great Arab Revolt...

Following is a part of documentary about 1st Great Arab Revolt (Though it escapes many facts that are interesting to know about current Arab ruling families),

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