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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hazara Idealism

Much of the great philosophers, politicians, economists, men and women of letters and scientists rise out of ruins of wars and stresses of social tensions. These great men were feeling and experiencing from deep within themselves the human feelings of pains and joys. Their imaginations were not gained out of words in books or lectures delivered in classes of well acquainted universities or discussions in cafes filled with smokes of tobaccos. Their imaginations were not sparkled with music and dances. They had felt what really human nature is when they are free to act. What human can do when they have no fear of accountability and they feel ultimate power? What religions, ideologies, culture or in whole humanism mean to men with they are in tensions or they are filled with anger? What survival and struggle means to those who are filled with fear? Great men have felt all these and when they talk or think of human nature they are think in originality with naked experiences of human nature and when they imagine of solutions or talk of humanity they really means when they talk of liberty, freedom, responsibility and morality. Aesthetics to them is life itself which worth living. Aesthetic is not mere existence but living.

Now when Hazaras have experienced both as a nation and individuals in deep what the human nature is for centuries. They have lost a lot in every aspects of life through centuries and now when they realizing their existence they know, what life is and what life means. They had suffered for longest time period any other nation had suffered worst kinds of threats, confiscations, persecutions, massacres and all kind of prolonged siege, so they know well what struggle for survival means. Now the world will expect of their deep experiences to produce great politicians, economists, philosophers, men and women of letters and scientists that will add to understanding of humankind about human. This is called Hazara idealism.

When a nation begins a renaissance to resurrect or take rebirth, they are usually in a position to overcome the threats to their existence and now they are walking towards their essence. When we use words like renaissance, it means that we are against the traditions and cultures that were and are and we are on the struggle of creating the whole sets of new cultures and traditions to replace all existing ones. When we come to Hazaras, then the situations change.

1- Hazaras have a lost glorious past that had changed the whole course of regions and had deep influences in history of mankind and in lives and cultures of the people they ruled on. Still India symbolizes the Taj Mahal which is the remnant of the Mogul Empire. Urdu is another contribution of the Mogul empire which is a connecting language in South Asia and national language of Pakistan. Mongols though destroyed all who resisted them starting from china to Iran, North Africa and Baghdad but left these nations with glorious empires and enriched cultural and economical foundations. Before rise of Islam, Hazaras were Buddhists. To thanks the Buddha for his teachings they carved largest standing and sleeping Buddahs in heart of Hazarajat. As Buddha were an Indian so when later on when Moguls ruled India, they had in mind the debts of teachings of Buddha, so they enriched the culture of India by introducing Urdu, Qawali, religious tolerance, unique Mogul constructions and symbol of love Taj Mahal. Hazaras were also in debt of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) for His teachings so they remained loyal to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and His family throughout of their history after they choose Islam as their new religion. Hazaras as loyal to Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and His family were considered infidels by radical Muslims and were massacred several times by orders of Jihad against them from Abdurrahman to Taliban. The Hazaras never converted as they believed in righteousness of teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) reached to them by family of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) not by others.

2- Then there are centuries of dark ages when Hazaras alienated from world by economical, political, religious, cultural and physical siege. The elongated siege and continuous struggle to wipe out Hazaras physically resulted in worst psychological scars on Hazaras that Hazaras forgot to live not only as a nation but even like human beings.

3- The third stage is a stage of transition when Hazaras started to realize their existence. It is the time when Hazaras tested and are testing the world they live in by allowing different forces to rule and to choose the most suitable out of them. The Hazaras have tested tribalism and tribal leaders, Communist socialism, Mujahidin, nation state, capitalist democracy. Unfortunately, Hazaras have not got hopelessness after every promises made by these systems and their representatives.

4- After the bitter experiences and bitter factual realization of the failure of the all exported and imposed solutions and promises of revitalizing the existence of Hazaras now it is time to take inspiration from glorious past and struggle to create a whole sets of new tools to create new cultures, traditions, economical and political systems as well as well new knowledge to not only make Hazarajat to standards of Hazaras but also set example to world to follow. The historical experiences of Hazaras are great assets for them. They just need to mold them into master pieces that change the human history. This is called Hazara Idealism.

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