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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Energy drives evolution (Opinion)

Energy drives evolution:

If we accept the Haldane model of origin of life on the earth then we it was energy (lightening, UV and heat) that made it possible that inorganic compounds evolve into first life forms. And now the most recent product of evolution (man) has used energy (liquid and solid fuel and also gravity) in his struggles to explore and colonize the space. Life's first choice of energy source was water, as water itself is a source of energy and also it is a universal solution that have dissolved essential nutrients and minerals so life in its first step colonized oceans, then shores and swampy areas and continued to plain areas and cold and mountainous aras and air. In the tales of evolution I will explore the journey of life in colonizing energy sources.


Evolution is a fact and it is evident in all disciplines of biology and as biology is expanding by introduction of new areas new evidences of evolution is emerging. But despite of this ongoing expansion in biology, the evolution is still unexplained. Evolution still stands at the same place where it was started. Majority of scientists link the expansion in biology as an expansion in evolution. But to me it is because of ambiguity. We have to distinguish evolution as a natural process that is evident equally in physical, chemical and biological worlds (If we are looking from perspective of each discipline). But we are more interested in biological evolution because it is related to us (to our physical being, to our identity, culture, language, society, beliefs, knowledge and everything).

We hear new expressions in biological evolution like, modern synthesis, punctuated equilibrium and modern synthesis extended. These are all indicating advances in biology not in evolution. When Darwin presented his mechanism of biological evolution it was based on natural selection and common descent. Biological evolution is still sticking to these two concepts by adding or accreting new advances in biology. When new concepts and advances are made in inheritance or genetics then by adding these advances into Darwinian concepts, it became modern synthesis. When fossil records show an almost regular pattern of mass extinctions, especially the big five then by adding this new advances the concept of the punctuated equilibrium emerged. Still this process is continued. Behavioral studies, developmental biology, cultural evolution, etc are being added to concept of evolution and hence the concept of extended modern synthesis emerges.
As I told earlier though biology is expanding but evolution is still standing where it was started. The real scientific concept of evolution is started from Darwin and the most famous book of Darwin is “On the origin of species” which is published on the November 1859. Now after one and half century later, we still couldn’t find an accepted definition of species. Yes! Biology despite of the big advances still faces the Species problem.

Besides species problem, still the origin of life, Cambrian explosion is still unresolved and there is widening gap between concept of evolution between paleontology and genetics. Though computers have given us possibilities of computations and graphical reconstructions and presentations but still we have to resolve the most basic questions that evolution faces and try to look into alternative beside natural selection. Environmental sciences are showing new pictures, especially the dominant roles of gravity, energy, cycle of elements and nutrients in changing ecosystems. Now it depends on us that either we are bold enough to this new information to look into alternatives or not?

In Tales of evolution, I will try to return to basic concepts of evolution and try to look them from new perspectives. YOUR COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS ARE WELCOMED. I will publish them in series and put the links below on this page.

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