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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The craze for popularism or change?

United States is a country which is truly leading the world in terms of global culture. In a digital world where education, business and even friendship and relations went digital, google, yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, e-bay, Twitter, facebook, Wordpress, blogger and tons of other digital products alongside of the hollywood is shaping the global thinking and mindset of the people. The grasp of the local cultures and traditions are loosening and people are becoming American by the spirit and soul though not nationality.

American dominance in feeding the global thinking have got a new turn recently after the 2008 presidential election. The Obama's famous phrase, "Yes, we can", "Yes, we did" and "Change" have created a new craze for popularism in politics. People around the world is following this new craze. While I call this craze? Politics, unlike fashion, novels, shows and movies are not only for personal enjoyments but they decide the fate of people and future generations. A craze for popularism may degrade some values and meanings that are decisive in directions of society.
Once, not very far, just in previous century the rebellion was very popular in politics and it was attracting youths. Che had a symbolic personality that was fueling that craze. Youth without understanding socialism and communism were joining parites with such had such menifesto.

The popularism is back in politics. Conservative Party of UK is copying, Obama's presidential compaign by announcing their manifesto as "CHANGE" and by adapting the phrase, "The change in believe in". Surely, the conservative party of UK will not be the last party as other parties around the world will jump in to benefit from current craze among people, especailly youth.

We make jokes with our friends, "Yes! You can". "There is nothing that you can't" "You can jump out of windows from third floor". "You can run drink the whole gallon of milk" and so on and the reply comes, "If you want to succeed in USA, swim against the stream" "If you really want to succeed don't do what others do". "Don't breathe because others breathe" "Dont eat, because others eat" and we laugh. Though these are jokes but these are real desires that people in politics show some real change so popularism do not fall from face.

Popularism is not limited to politics only but also in plays and arts. When soccer matches turns in tense realtions between two countries (Egypt and Algeria, for example) and marriage of two sportsmen the most deabted topics in every sphere of life (The marriage of Indian Tennis star, Sania Mirza and Pakistan's Cricket team's Captain, Shoaib Malik). These things looks illogical and it is what is called craze.

Craze are necessary from time to time to put some thrill and fascination in lives of people who get tired of serious politics though.

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