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Friday, December 9, 2011

Angela Merkel makes Adolf Hitler look stupid

It is really amazing that, what Hitler couldn’t achieve after sacrificing 17 million people including himself and by destruction and occupation of Germany, today Angela Merkel achieved that very easily, not even by firing a single bullet. Wikipedia writes Hitler’s main goal as, “Hitler's avowed aim was to establish a New Order of absolute Nazi German hegemony in continental Europe.” And today New York Times writes, “BRUSSELS — Europe’s worst financial crisis in generations is forging a new European Union, pushing Britain to the sidelines and creating a more integrated, fiscally disciplined core of nations under the auspices of a resurgent Germany.”… the title read, “German Vision Prevails as Leaders Agree on Fiscal Pact” ….

Did you just read “New European Union” under auspices of resurgent Germany? Isn’t what Hitler was looking for? Truly Angela Merkel makes Hitler look stupid by choosing the right weapon. Angela Merkel’s effective weapon is economy… Weapons buy hatred and economy buy everything… that is what Hitler failed to understand… But Nixon an Ex-president of USA was believed that, “Stateswomen are tougher than Statesmen”… He gave this remark about Indira Gandhi, ex-prime minter of India who defeated Pakistan in 1971 India-Pakistan war and “liberated”/broken East Pakistan as Bangladesh. But Now Angela Merkel proved that stateswomen are not only tougher than statesmen but also smarter.

New York Times continues to write about British Prime minister, “Prime Minister David Cameron, a Conservative and self-acknowledged “euroskeptic,” was isolated in his refusal to allow the German prescription of “more Europe” — to give teeth to fiscal pledges underpinning the euro.”… Today British Prime minister is isolated and it is quite opposite to Winston Churchill’s time when Britain succeeded to bring unlikely States like Soviet Union and United States on her side against Germany. Angela Merkel even made France to sit on the lap of Germany.

I don’t know if today Simon De Beaver, the French Feminist and Existentialist Philosopher who wrote, “Second Sex” and was actively participated in resistance against French occupation by Germany was alive today, what would her reaction? But I can fancy that at least as a Feminist she would celebrate Angela Merkel’s victory…


Adolf Hitler

New York Times

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