One's personality is both a composition and reflection, but if I have to choose one of them, I will choose reflection as the "self" is more important to me than "me". One's composition may change, walking across the cultural landscapes and climbing the social ladder but one's self is tied to one's reflections. The fun part is that reflections are not bound to "Time-Space" barriers ( it is not time-space) and respective mental constructs, which have grown so thick over ages, that they had reduced the image of humans to Sisyphus, rolling different sizes of boulders on hills of different heights.… As the name of this Blog indicates, knols are my perspectives on topics of interests, sweet/bitter experiences or just doodling :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Comments

Usually, I shy away from reactionary comments but sometimes a news is so important to me that I just comment on it anyway. So here are two news that I wanted to comment on,

For long, I have followed the debates of socialism and capitalism just to understand their functioning but all along, I had a firm belief that a healthy mind and healthy body is a prerequisite for proper functioning of any person and hence education and health services should be available to all, either free or with a price tag so low that everyone could easily access them without suffering. I really have a bad feeling when there is a price tag in these two areas because it creates classes of mind and bodies based on the affordability that give advantage one over other (and make a large population suffer for things that are beyond their control: like their birth in a poor family or community). It doesn't matter you call it partial-socialism, hybrid, or whatever else.

President of Third Way, Jonathan Cowen in his article "Middle Class Gets Wise" provides the statistics from National Center For Educational Statistics for his argument that in current economic recession, the American Middle Class, instead of waiting for system to rescue them, has turned to education to cope with this hard economic time. For me, it is a big news because I am getting more convinced that memory (and in case of society, collective memory) is more real in making decisions than paradigms. To me, turning of Middle Class American to education for help is indicative of a core memory that education is more plastic and adaptable to situations than systems and beliefs sets. I hail it with all my heart.

The second news is related to Mr. Muhaqiq's reply to Mr. Fouladi. Irrespective of differences in point of views, and right and wrong discussions, it is in itself a very important event. It is important as it informs people and make leaders more responsible. I hope this trend grows on as conversations increase understanding and it is the most needed thing in a society where egos are bigger than lives and welfare of poeple. 

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