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Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Hazaras need to do?

Three things Hazaras need on the ad hoc basis:

1- Purpose: The purpose of Hazaras is to make Hazarajat a free state for Hazaras.

a- Reasons for setting up Purpose:

i- It is impossible for an individual and a family to live without purpose. An individual have plans for his days, weeks, months and years and these plans are following goals that lead him towards his purpose. If an individual and a family can’t think living without plans and purpose how a nation could think without purpose.

ii- Without a Free State for Hazaras will have no control of their future. What kind of society we want? What kinds of religious and cultural practices we want? What kind of educational system we want and what we want to teach our children? What kinds of jobs and roles we want for ourselves? None of above mentioned aspects of life that determine our future is in our control. Others are deciding for us to what we are allowed to practice and what not. What should we read and what should we do. What we could do and what we can’t do is all decided by others. If all these are not acceptable for an individual then how it could be acceptable for a nation?

iii- Without a free state for Hazaras, Hazaras have no identity and role in the international community.

iv- Without Free State our future is not secure. As governments are alien to our society so they couldn’t be sincere to our nation. They will always try their best to maintain their hegemony and supremacy and keep us inferior to themselves so they will always to try hard to harm us economically, politically, educationally, culturally and to dissolve our identity that is our essence.

v- We are not saying all these reasons without any proof or reason. Our history is an accepted proof. 75% of population of Hazaras is massacred and their land have confiscated. Hazarajat are the most impoverished with least developments and Hazaras are discriminated and targeted.

vi- As the racial and religious enmity and divisions are historical and still continues so there is no hope reconciliations.

vii- Hazaras are still threatened and attacked by religious and racist extremists so if we do not go towards a free state for Hazaras then we will face more massacres and land confiscations through state power and through non state actors supported by state. If we want to save our children of further massacres, the only way is a free state of Hazarajat.

2- Legitimization of the purpose: Preparing and convincing the Hazaras as well as international community about the legitimacy of instance of Hazaras to have a free state.

i- The partition of subcontinent India is a historical lesson for Hazaras. The movement for a separate state for Muslims of India made their instance legitimate both for fellow Indians as well as for British Empire. Hazaras need to work in practical terms to convince through non violence movements to convince fellow Afghans as well as international community that existence and survival of Hazaras are in continuous threat and only possible way for their survival and existence is a free state for Hazaras.

ii- Freedom of East Timor and Albania are other great lessons for Hazaras to follow.

3- To build a basic structure of State of Hazarajat: Building political and economical structures that not only make Hazaras and Hazaras able to survive as a free state but become an important country contributing to economy and developments of world.

i- Certainly it is the most important part that requires an extensive intellectual works for developing them as well as political and educational works to educate people and political workers to work for them. Building social, political, economical and educational structures are the tests of survival for Hazaras. The success building material, intellectual and social structures for these issues are the foundations for success in promoting and projecting the foundation purpose of Hazaras as well as for their struggles in the legitimizations of their struggles.


Here is my response to the comment of a brother,

Hazaras are a historical nation and their homeland Hazarajat is geographically bordering central Asia to Middle East and South Asia so due to its strategic geographical position it was always in the interest of global and regional powers to keep Hazaras of Hazarajat backward, illiterate, and poor and always under threat of expansionism of neighboring tribes. So they could easily the exploit this strategically important place without any resistance.

British Empire used Afghans and helped them to expand, encircle Hazaras and limit them in central mountains of Pamir range. From 1885 to 1905, 75% of Hazaras were massacred and their lands were confiscated and they were forcefully included in Afghanistan since then it continued till now. Afghans started introducing Hazaras to world as Afghans so they could legitimize the occupation of Hazarajat as part of Afghanistan. They were also trying to convince Hazaras to change their identity to Afghans to make Hazaras accept as secondary citizens of Afghanistan.

Hazaras are neither Afghan nor they could be intimidated to change their identity from being Hazaras to becoming Afghans.

When Kabul was under supervision of USSR, they also thought it is better to keep hazaras encircled and under threat.

After 2001 when the USA along with NATO liberated Afghanistan from Taliban, the Hazaras had great hope, trust and enthusiasm in these liberation forces but the past eight years were years of hopelessness and helplessness. The USA and NATO continued the same policies to keep Hazarajat illiterate, poor, inaccessible and under threats of neighboring tribes.

Hence now Hazaras have only one way and that is to trust on themselves and start a freedom movement. Certainly no one can stop Hazaras from their freedom and having Free State of their own because it is their basic human rights.

Anyone who is denying the rights of Hazaras to have their own homeland free is denying the human rights of Hazaras. Hazaras are already broken the siege and they have spread all over globe. It is the responsibility of every Hazara to work hard for making themselves able to contribute in freedom of Hazarajat.

At the same time we call on international community and all those individuals and groups who respect freedom, human rights and democracy to voice and stand for the most basic right of Hazaras and that is freedom of their homeland. Freedom of Hazarajat is not a political issue but it is the matter of survival of Hazaras. Hazaras existence is under threat in Afghanistan and will remain under threat in Afghanistan. If the international community especially USA and EU who are leading the war on terror and supervising the Afghan government in Kabul continue to ignore Hazarajat and don’t work to ensure existence and survival of Hazaras and Hazarajat then they will be responsible for all massacres that will follow after their leaving Afghanistan. Soon or later they will leave Afghanistan so not freeing Hazarajat as a free state for Hazaras means to put Hazaras back under axe of afghan expansionism and global terrorism.

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