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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tactics are mechanisms of success

All living organisms have some tactics in maintaining their lives. In evolutionary language we know these tactics as adaptations. We all have developed and learned some tactics that helps us in making our lives easy and our tasks successful but successful men and women have developed some special tactics that have lead them to success. Tactics are mostly used for military purposes though it is not specifically a military term. I use tactics because life is in large is a struggle for survival and struggle for dominance. As wars are also struggles for survival and dominance hence using tactics is more appropriate than adaptation because all do not feel using words like adaptations that are linked with evolution.

We usually learn tactics by the following methods:

1- Experience and experimentation:

It is the most common method that we all start to learn tactics. A baby starts learn some basic tactics of survival in adapting his environment by experimenting and experience. He repeats every action till wiping out mistakes and masters them. This process ends with ending life, so it is a long life experience. It is not only babies but all men in their all developmental stages, in every era; with every level of skills, knowledge and wisdom continuously learn through experimentations and experiences. This process has an alternative name also and that is “error and trial”. It is the base of science and engineering. In science hypothesis are tested by experiments and judged by them for their factuality. Same is in engineering. Every new design and idea is tested until it is ensured their stability and workability and then it is worked out. A successful tactician gives importance both to his own and others experiments and experiences because they are the sources for successful tactics. A more focus on experience provide with plenty of tactics that could work or reworked in new situations for success.

2- Observation:

Though observation is sometimes classified under experience but it is not part of experience. It is more evolved form of experience and is rooted in one’s wisdom and intelligence. An observation is an objective studying of something. Sure! A good observation requires knowledge and experience, hence a good tactician a good learner and always ready to learn. Observation also requires getting interests in everything and not neglecting anything. Narrowing the knowledge or interest weakens the observations because our world is relative and everything works and exists relative to each other. Narrowing knowledge will miss out important points that are essential in understanding the relations of objects and processes to each other and hence there are great chances of failure due to misunderstanding. Hence a good tactician is tries to sharpen and widen his observations by understanding things in their contexts.

3- Thinking habits:

Though everyone think but it is levels of thinking and methods of thinking that matters. Though there is no specific methods of thinking but as men have adapted thinking as their most superior tactics for survival so it is natural that we all think for solving problems. In schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions use these adaptations of men in their learning processes and pedagogies. For any subject the problems and tasks are best ways to make students think and hence helping them develop their thinking methodologies. Everyone think in their own ways when they struck a problem or they have a task to be done. It is thinking levels that make difference between positions of men in society and in their professions and achievements. As I mentioned earlier that there is no thinking method but we have to have problems and tasks to make ourselves thinking. Still there are tactics or techniques that can help develop our thinking levels and hence imaginations and creativity. One such technique that really works is giving importance to your ideas and making an archive of your ideas. If one adapts to write his ideas and classify them, surely he will evidence that his ideas will reveal his opinions on certain issues. He also can judge his ideas and compare them with others. Others can also give response to them. Hence making him to think about his ideas, opinions and thinking strategies. This process will grow to make him concentrate in his observations, experiments, experiences, readings and studies and hence forth. Thinking process is the brain in making tactics and making one as best tacticians.

4- Education:

Education is a set of essential and collective learning process that makes students able to become a productive part of society. Education prepares students to only adapts his environments in best ways but also evolve the society using their evolved adaptations. As society is organic and evolving so is education. As by passing time, evolution of society gets momentum and speeds up its evolution so is the society. As needs of society changes, so is the education system. Inquiry based learning was introduced to fulfill the needs of industrialization but as world shifted from industrialization to services so the creativity got more importance hence education systems are started focusing on creativity beside inquiry based learning. Education is a continuous learning process so it is divided into different categories. Beside formal education different varieties and kinds of informal educations are there to educate people. Informal education became an integral part of large institutions to introduce people to their works and achievements. Almost every medium that have a reach to people are used as in informal education to increase the levels of order in society and help to evolve. Normally alternative words like growth are used instead of evolution.

5- Reading, searching and research:

Ideas rule our intentions. Intentions born out of ideas. Hence reading, searching and research lead us to a lot of ideas. They also lead us to judge our own ideas. Reading evolves our understanding. Surely, those with reading habits are of full of ideas and if they are good thinker beside their good readings so they also can be good tacticians. Reading expose us to others experiences, understandings of things and processes, their tactics, visions and so on. Reading let us know the alternative worlds that people have created and lived in and inspired people. Hence for doing good experiments, having good observations and thinking correctly on correct lines we have to read. I remember of an open debate between me and my class fellow. It looked a one sided reasoning as the other students pressed down under my reasons. I was feeling a superiority and satisfaction inside. No doubt the other student was one of the best and a competitive one. But my sense of superiority vanished out by judgment of our teacher. Teacher told me, yes it is sure that you gave solid reasons but it is not the difference of wisdoms between you two but the difference of readings. He pointed to me and told I am sure that you have read more books than your class fellow, so it is why you had available ideas to reason on. Surely! In world of knowledge and tactics, a single idea and a piece of knowledge make big difference. It is also true for tactics. A single piece of knowledge can result in better tactics.

6- Apprenticeship:

Working with experienced men is a way to get experience and master more reliably. In apprenticeship one not only tests its knowledge but also get a tested knowledge and guidance. One of the profound effects of apprenticeship is getting confidence and vision simultaneously. Surely it is a tested way to success.

7- Counseling/Advise:

Advise is the most common learning method in all societies and professions. We can say it is most ancient and primitive methodology of learning, because it is an essential part of religious teachings and religions is the first civilized and learned movement of men. Even we can say that it is in instinct of men as men of all ages, all professions, people with all levels of knowledge and especially guardians like mothers use it. Advice and counseling is part of every culture in different manners to impart wisdom with younger generation or with less experienced people. Even most professional and leaned people needed to be advised regularly as everyone has their limitations in both knowledge and experience. Wise individuals always love to sit in discussions and conversations with older and more experienced knowledge to have share in their practical wisdom and make their success more solid and certain. It is certain that most of time a result that come out of more heads is better than a result of conclusion come out of a single head. Assemblies, meetings, conferences, etc are based on this principle, so counseling is just like advice but here it is flavored with collective wisdom.

There are some qualities that make the learned tactics more specialized and personalized as follows

1- Conscious learning or objective learning

2- Ambition

3- Discussion

Some exemplary tactics:

1- Be with spirit of time:

Every time has their own life that is characteristics of them. Living in a time without understanding and connecting with spirit of it make one a failure in adaptations. Every period of past has its own spirits. Sticking to a spirit make one life evolved under its influences. It is possible to live with spirit of any time, whether any period of past, present or future. It needs just connection. Understanding and adapting them as lifestyle is the way one connects. Spirit of time is values that it carries. How much one has acquired and mastered this values are measure of his connection with that time’s spirit.

2- It is important what to be but it is more important what to do:

As everything evolve, so is with objectives and visions. It is a natural phenomenon that all focus in what to be. As one’s destiny become obvious by his perusing career or by growing an age in enter in professional life, then the it is become more and more important that what to do. With growing age a sense of self-accountability also grows. Hence it is right the focus in education should be on what one wants to be but it shouldn’t be neglected that what they are going to use or to do with their knowledge, skills they have learnt. In short what will be their use of life? This is a critical question. Most of people lack achievements not because they haven’t the skills, potentials, will or chances but because they have no purpose and hence no tasks in their minds. Even most skilled and educated men become frustrated and helpless as they think there is no useful use of their knowledge and skills despite attractive jobs, salaries or positions.

3- Having an acceptance and visions of developmental stages:

Everything that grow have developmental stages, hence accepting this facts and adapting this approach in planning and managing works and achievements make works, results and expectations more realistic. The highest benefit of this approach is help in consistency. When one have a clear approach and understanding of developmental stages he thinks, expects and works more logical and hence both passion and patience remain intact. This approach also helps in keeping struggles ahead for continuous growth. One has in mind that life is the alternative name of growth so one has to grow to be called alive.

4- Dare to follow your purpose and express yourself and ideas:

Daring is more important than wisdom. Though it daring is dangerous when accompany foolery but how many common men are there who succeeded just because they have dared. And how many creative, experienced, wise and knowledgeable individuals are there who have wasted their talents because they have not dared to use them or to expose them.

5- Grow patience and passion in what you are interested in much:

Passion is a strength and weakness at same time. If it is inside, it is strength but when it is outside and visible it is a source of weakness. As passion keeps you energetic and passionate about your objectives and provides extra energies for more lively life but people will exploit it as a source of your weakness. Business and politics and socialization are the areas that exposed passions are most exploited.

6- Organize yourself by your visions and your followers by common good of your visions: As unity is a source of strength for a social group similarly, it is a source of strength for an individual also. Vision is a mental process that unites all other mental processes. Hence vision is necessary to maximize utility of potentials of an individual. It uses all your energies in one direction that ensure success. Vision, not only unite an individual but it also helps unite others to help you or follow you to achieve them. Sure! Every vision has its values which inspire and guide people to work for achieving them. It is a success in itself that your visions unite your all potentials and energies and inspire other to follow you for a particular purpose.

7- Consistency is the most common and experienced way to success:

Consistency is a way of mastering. Masters are synonyms with success as they know how to do things successfully. Consistency is coinciding with mastering through experience or five senses. It doesn’t require special abilities. For easy understanding just take example of a baby. A baby still hasn’t developed conscious or rational mind but yet he is learning by experience or practicing or doing something until mastering in it. Surely an adult who has developed rationality to some level will succeed in mastering anything if he keeps practicing. Consistency is not only a way of mastering but it is a creator of opportunities. A Persistent one surely grows than others and hence become able to solve problems that others can’t do. This is a process of making position in society. And every position has its own opportunities. Consistency is also providing visibility which is in it a tactic for success.

8- Visibility:

Visibility is the door to opportunities. It is why individuals, businesses and organizations focus it as part of their important strategy. Visibility attracts success and even make a share to others success. People make different strategies to become visible. Tactics that I have mentioned above all are collective and related to each other so they work as visibility strategies.

9- Participation:

Participation is the most effective way for visibility. It is also a source of learning and shaping an individual. Participation makes visible and open door to opportunities.

Tactics are mechanism of success. This is a vast topic but not specialized topic. Personal experiences and observations are more important and effective than bookish knowledge so I invite individuals to share their tactics and experiences.

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