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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Single factor comparison of the Islamic and western countries

Whenever we compare societies, two factors are the foundations for other factors to be compared. Here we limit ourselves to these two foundation factors and that are Individual and society. It requires no knowledge that individuals construct the society and both purpose of society and individuals are same and that is rooted to the concept of human.

The concept of human in western countries could be understood by the established systems of the western society and that are Liberalism, democracy and capitalism. Liberalism, democracy and capitalism serve one thing and that is progress. Progress is synonym to success in Western culture. As both concept and purpose of human in a society is rooted in concept of success so Progress is the purpose and concept of man. In West, the concept of existence is dominant over essence and individuals are practically existentialist or in other words extreme individualists. Progress is fulfilling all requirements of existentialism to higher degree of satisfaction as it provides both free will and acceptable levels of consequences. The Western countries have adopted systems that fulfill the concept and purpose of individuals. Liberalism and democracy are suited to developments and acceptance of new ideas even radical ideas, so the becoming scientists, men and women of letters, writers, artists, politician, economists, engineers, news reporters, etc were considered fulfilling purpose and concept of modern men as they were the sources of free wills and their consequences. These were not only the sources of the free wills and the acceptable consequences but progress. To give acceleration to the progress another vital system was capitalism. Capitalism is open competition of free wills and their consequences, so the people were in constant competitions for the survival of their progress.

In western countries the individuals seek progress and the state provide the opportunities by it by adopting the systems for the progress of individuals. Hence the individuals and society in Western countries are in harmony and symmetry. Individuals serve the systems and systems provide opportunities to practice their existence.

Contrary to the Western countries the concept of human is different in Islamic culture. If we come to concept of human from concept of success, the concept of success in Islamic culture and society is Taqwa. Taqwa is simply personal justice to self and society. Certainly, without a just behavior in economical and social interactions one can’t achieve an accepted level of Taqwa that is considered success in Islamic society. The Islamic state main purpose is helping its citizens in getting Taqwa. It stands on four basic types of justice, economical justice, social justice, political justice and equality before law. In present of these four justices the Taqwa leads to progress along with evolution of society and civilization. In Islamic culture progress is not goal but the tools for creating conditions where Taqwa lead to evolution of human both spiritually and materially. The justices that is counted is always subjects to innovations to absorb changing conditions due to change in technological, economical, social and political advancements, hence they are always debatable.

Taqwa also means insulations against harms to self and also to society. Here Taqwa means a personal act to insulate self and society from harm. The harms include all factors related to self from spiritual, psychological, physical, social, political and economical harms. The insulation is carried out by moral and social codes that Islam provides to individuals. Hence in this perspective taqwa is personal choice and life style that is practicable in any conditions and in any place. Hence though here Taqwa is linked both to personal and social matters but one has to practice justice irrespective of others practicing or not. Every individual has to practice and call and teach practicing justice.

Unfortunately the Muslim countries as well as Muslim intellectual failed to devise and adopt systems suiting justices to enhance and promote the Taqwa. Faithful people as well as liberal people (The people who use the name of Muslim and Islam as identity, not as life codes) in Islamic countries are not satisfied with their governments as well as their lives. The people are not successful through both perspectives of Islamic culture as well as from Western point of view. It is one of the main factors that Islamic countries are experiences deep social dissatisfactions and tensions as well as divisions on terms of hardliners and moderates.

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