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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Post ideology era

The human history has seen the era of religions and then ideologies. In the end of the first decade of the 21st century we are observing a world without ideologies or better to say the post ideology era. Religion come to connect men with creature of nature but the religions evolved more into cultural rituals and identities rather than connecting men to nature. Science come to the help men in understanding nature but Science was not alone. There were economic and political systems which were determining the positions and strategies for Science. Industrial revolution was enslaved by capitalism and communism for serve their own purposes and to prove their legitimacy to rule on human society. The same was happened to Science. The objective scientific investigations and researches served objective purposes of capitalism and communism. In post Ideology era, when both capitalism and communism have declined as a workable ideologies and the world is confused and helpless to come out of global depression, it is time to make free Science and industry out of ideologies which divide mankind and come on work on areas which are common to all.

Both religions and ideologies were claimed to serve the whole humanity and for welfare of human being but both served as agents of divisions between human beings. Certainly! The differences of opinion are a common fact and are the sources of the identity and uniqueness. Both religious groups and followers of ideologies have invested massive intellectual, blood, sweats and time to promote the differences.

In today’s globalized world when some organizations are working and making slogans for human rights, rights of women, rights of child, freedom of journalism and expression, democracy, helping people in needs, refugees, environmental issue, nuclear non proliferations, certain diseases like AIDS and POLIO, illiteracy, preservation of cultural and historical sites, preservation of endangered species, Preservation of some languages etc. All these issues are common grounds for all human to work for them.


One’s love of humanity is justifies who works wholeheartedly equally for common ground as much as h works for his identities like his religion, language, community, ideology and culture.
Hence, I acknowledge the roles of the religions, cultures, languages and ideologies in evolving human being and stress that by RECOGNIZING EACH OTHERS IDENTITIES by respecting their languages, cultures, religions and ideologies we should unite on common grounds. Some of the common grounds that all should unite are:

1- Eradication of diseases

2- Eradication of poverty

3- Equal rights for education

4- A balanced environment

5- Human rights

I acknowledge that all these issues are on the agenda of United Nations and this organization as representative of the all nations are work for them globally but these issues are beyond the capacity of a representative organization. These issues need to become part of the ethics of all and should become part of personal agenda and attitude of all. Hence by acknowledging the role of the UN in promoting these common grounds we stress on their inclusion in the basic set of beliefs, ideologies and cultures.

The immediate concerns in the post ideology era are,

1- Communism was an ideology which was working to empower the workers and peasants.

After collapse of communism, the workers, peasants and poor are directionless, helpless, hopeless and disarmed. Though we know the miseries that communism earned for world but they were the source of hope for workers and peasants. Collapse of communism is the collapse of hopes of workers and peasants.


i- Communism as a source of hope and means of struggle for poor, workers and peasants

ii- Communism earned miseries for humankind

We need to search for an alternative way to give hope and means of struggle for poor, workers and peasants.

2- Free market economy was an ideology which was working to promote the creativity and creation of wealth.

Global depression and the interference of states in free markets in hope to save the national and global economies have washed out trusts in free market economy. Though free market economy served human by promoting creativity and created a large number of middle classes which are backbone of the progress of nations but still it has earned miseries to humankind by increasing inflation, unemployment, global warming, conflicts and wars.

Hence, having a historical knowledge and experience of free market economy,

i- Free market economy is a source of hope for human creativity and progress

ii- It also caused conflicts, wars, inflation, unemployment and damage to natural resources and environments.

We need to rethink the free market economy and find an alternative way for promotion of creativity and progress.

Working for systems which are sources of hope and struggle for poor, peasants and workers as well as promoting creativity, progress and liberties of men, along with respects to religions, cultures and languages. Certainly! Common areas are the guiding line for developments of such systems which stress on commonalities rather than divisions and save world from further conflicts and wars.

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