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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dialogue with Hazaras

The Hazara society is passing through a historical transition that even individualistic decisions will play key roles in shaping the future of society of Hazaras. A shallow analysis of present Hazara society can elaborate the potentials of these individualistic decisions. Present Hazara society is not an integrated society but composed of small (of different sizes) Hazara societies which are taking nationalistic forms under the influence of the large societies in which they live. Languages, cultures, educations systems, political and economic trends of these large societies are playing vital roles in shaping the trends of these small Hazara societies. It is part of news paper knowledge (general knowledge) that the societies of Western countries, Eurasian countries and Eastern countries in which Hazaras are living, are different from each other and even in some aspects rivaling each other. Beside these Hazara societies are struggling for their survival. In some countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran Hazaras are facing racial, lingual, religious and historical bigotry that accompanying with political and economical rivalries threatening Hazara societies. In Western countries though Hazaras are safe from bigotries but still they are struggling for the survival of their culture and identity. Keeping these two points the Hazaras needs a two dimensional serious steps that the initials of the Hazara intellectuals and politician are more required.

- Dialogue among Hazara societies

- Dialogue between Hazara societies and nations of the world

Dialogue among Hazara societies:

Hazaras are fortunate that there were always small but active part of their societies who were concerned about the integrity of Hazara societies and they have worked for these objectives. In past their efforts were not much fruitful due to lack of mass Medias so they were limited to local cultural and political struggles. The expansion and easiness of use of internet provided a golden opportunity for self activated Hazara patriots to make websites about Hazaras. These websites were the first voices of Hazaras about the oppressions and prejudices they have been facing. These websites also struggled for cultural and nationalistic identity of Hazaras. I am personally evident of the effectiveness of these websites in earning a positive recognition for Hazaras.

Despite the services that these websites provided to Hazaras but still there are load of works and responsibilities that these active part of Hazara societies have to do. Hazaras are in chain of history and their existence are threatened so all societies of Hazaras need an ideological, cultural, political and economical integration. Hazarajat is the motherland of all Hazaras of all over the world and is point of unity of objectives and struggles for all of them. Keeping these facts in minds the websites of Hazaras have to go a step further to start a dialogue among the societies of Hazaras. The cultural, social, political and economical dialogue among Hazara societies is a necessity of time to develop an advanced political, economical and ideological culture to which the Hazaras of the entire world not only proud but also struggle to save their national identity, integrity and for achieving the national dreams.

Dialogue between Hazara societies and nations of the world:

The nations of the world, especially the people of the other nations either don’t know anything about the Hazaras or know very less about Hazaras based on incomplete information or objective reporting of the news reporters who had visited Hazarajat only for a few days without prior deep knowledge of Hazaras. There are a lot of misconceptions of Hazaras in mass Medias of world and hence gaining information from these sources the people of the world have misconceptions about Hazaras. Hazaras have to understand the delicacy of these issues. If Hazaras remained silent to every types of reporting without presenting their own views then world will write a history based on misconceptions and incomplete information. The Hazaras shouldn’t wait for world to come to them to know them but they have to reach the world interested about Hazaras and present to them their own point of view and their identity and history.

During centuries of cultural, economical and political siege Hazaras have alienated from the rest of world. They have adopted to live and interact among themselves to save their existence. These trends still continues as the cultural, economical and political siege still continues (Even in presence of USA and NATO forces, who represent societies which believe in human rights, democracy, freedom of expressions and religious tolerance). This trend of Hazara societies resulted in cultural, educational, economical and political distancing of Hazaras and societies in which they live which in turn resulted in creating suspicion about Hazaras as well as backwardness of Hazaras. If this trend of Hazara societies continued then troubles will be created for next generations of Hazaras in which they will be confused about their identity as well as interacting with societies in which they live.

It is the responsibility of every Hazara, especially Hazara intellectuals, politicians, reporters, artists, students and inherent of Hazaragi culture and history that struggle to inform the nations and start dialogue by nations of world. The nonstop dialogue with representatives of other nations especially with people of other nations will create a positive of image of Hazara nation and help them in achieving their national dreams with their own struggle and with support of nations of world for their struggle.

Note; This knol was written in 2008

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