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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why to celebrate our achievements?

Anything with definite shapes and formations have some forces that have bounded its basic units. These forces are keys to the symmetry of the symmetrical objects. Our concepts of beauty (aesthetics), excellence, perceptions, imaginations and mechanisms of knowledge are all based on some form of symmetry. The most conspicuous phenomenon of symmetry in human lives is their societies. There are forces which keep the symmetry of societies in order. Cultures, religions and laws are the basic forces which gives particular shapes and order to a society. The basic units of cultures, religions and laws are the values which they are made up of. As values are the basis for acceptance of cultures, religions and laws, similarly, the values are the basis for collisions of cultures, laws and religions.

Though there are collisions among values of societies but one thing is common to all and that every society struggles to sustain their values. There are different strategies to sustain and pass these values to the young generations. One of these strategies is celebrating the achievements. Celebrating the achievements are actually sustaining the values and introducing the values. If the values are not celebrated they lose their recognitions and importance and they will extinct. The most point in celebrating achievements is getting new energy and start for new achievements. Celebration is the end of old efforts and achievements and the beginning of new ones. Sure new beginnings require new strategies, skills and struggles from zero and all these require energies. Celebrating the achievements are the sources of energies and commitments for new beginnings. It provides the energies for a total new starts, energies for starts for new skills, energies for thinking process for new strategies and energies for start from zero. We can divide the celebrations based on the cultures, religions, personal values and global cultures.

Personal celebrations: Everyone has its own methods and reasons for celebrations of personal achievements. Celebrating personal achievements reveals oneself for him. It reveals the personal values and personal strengths. How one celebrates his achievements is also reveal his personality. How and what one rewards himself plays a key role in reshaping ones personality. One can use the rewards for himself to engineer himself, by strengthening his strengths and weakening his weaknesses. Appreciations and accountabilities are strong tools for psychological engineering and if it is used by the person himself will be a stronger tool.

Global culture: To strengthen the common norms and values of human beings the special days are celebrated all over the world. These special days are not only the sources of consciousness for common values and developing of new trends in globally but it also play key role in developing and evolving of global culture. The global culture is the foundation of global civilization which is replacing the civilizations based on cultures and values of nation state and religions. If we look at list of few special days which are celebrated globally we can understand the trends and weight of the global values or common norms of modern world. Diseases that require mass awareness are celebrated globally to increase the awareness and coordination for their eradications. All those things which have global impacts like some explosives, global warming and related issues like pollution, clean water and air, preservations of engendered species, some social evils like smoking etc are celebrated globally. The basic institutions of the societies are foundations of the global cultures so celebrations of the hub of these institutions are also evolving the global cultures. Celebrating the mother’s day and teacher’s day is the two example of this trend.

Religious celebrations: Every religion has their own days and celebrations. The purpose of these celebrations is strengthening the religious values. Two Eid-ul-Fiter and Eid-ul-Azha in Islam and Charismas in Christian world are two examples of these religious celebrations. Eid-ul-fiter in Muslim world is celebrated in honor of successful completion of a month of fast and worships, so it is the celebration of achievements. The whole month of Ramzan, the Muslim practices their basic values and even in Eid they practice their values. This is enough for us to understand the importance and value of celebrations either in personal, religious or global achievements.

Cultural celebrations: Just like religions, cultures have values, which are keys for their survival, identity and the symmetry and order of the societies they belong. These values are specially evident in social celebrations like marriages, funerals, births etc. The birth and deaths are symbolic representations of the continuity and immortality of these values and the marriages as the defender and developers of the values.

Conclusion: Though celebrations are not given much importance in intellectual world but they are foundations of personality and societies. Understanding their psychology, sociology and their positions in making laws and providing lawful basis are key in engineering and reshaping personalities and societies.

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