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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Obstacles to globalization

Ice Age:

Some may wonder how the Red Indians reached America; Aborigines reached Australia, and Japanese reached Japan. There are several islands small and large in pacific areas where people live from ancient times. Sure it was the ice age that facilitated the immigration from continent to continent. The ice covered oceans met the technology that Paleolithic era Homo sapiens had for immigration. The cold season and lack of preys forced the immigrations. It was need and facility of the ice age that led to continent to continent immigration. By the end of the ice age this facility and compulsion was no more there so the immigrations stopped and people in these continents remain isolated for coming thousands of years. Now the vast oceans were the barriers between people of continents so the globalization that facilitated by ice age were stopped.

Age of Empires:

The people of ancient times were too poor in terms of economics and technologies to walk for globalization but the empires were so rich in terms of economics and resources that continued to globalized their powers in search of more resources and powers. Binding the people of different regions of earth with different languages, interests and identities into the globalized objectives of emperors the religions were the most suitable tools. Religions have a universal humanitarian appeal and ask for sacrifices to fellow human beings. The emperors used religions as a vital tool for expanding their empires and the religious authorities supported the empires to propagate their empires. The Romans, Europeans kings, Arab Caliphs, Mongols, Turks all of emperors that had a global expansions beyond the boundaries of tribes, languages and cultures used the religion to bind the people loyal to them by using the religious believes. Here the strengths of emperors and the universal humanitarian appeals were the forces of globalizations. The poverty of common people both in terms of wealth and technology were the barriers for globalization.

Age of machines:

The poverty of wealth and technology that were the key obstacles of ancients and Middle Ages and by advent of scientific era and machines started they started decreasing. A new class of people emerged known as middle class people. The surplus and mass productions required new markets and hence lead to discovery of new trade routes and lands for new markets. The profit and machines become the new tools for globalization. It empowered the multinational companies like East India company to expand its trade and markets into continents. The machines and mass productions have created problems also and it was exploitations of laborers and consumers. Hence the strong voices like Karl Marx and leftist revolutionists become another aspect of globalization. Rebellions have also put a new trend in globalization. Laborers and consumers expanded their reach and voices beyond the borders of nation states and continents.

Machines help men in their works and have no identity of themselves and hence they were well come in every society and the societies with high level of resistance to foreign elements, the machines made their roots and changed the behaviors and trends of people. It is the products of machines which determine the behavior of men and creating trends and traditions. Machines also determine the trends of globalization:

- Machines that produce goods expand the markets.

- Machines that produce vehicles and means of transport bring close the markets.

- Machines that produce weapons and killing machines determine political economics of globe by setting rules of the games with powers with a better ability to kill more people.

- Machines that cause global warming and epidemic or popular diseases activating individuals, organizations and nation states beyond the global positions.

- Economic collapses of economic organizations and selective immigrations are also the results of the misuse of the machines that concern people beyond the borders and compel them to think of global solutions to economy.

- Machines that facilitate communication expand the knowledge and information beyond every possible border.

As machines and profits were the engines for globalization similarly they were the barriers for globalization. The people with more powerful and capable killing machines made the peace and security a business. The blood, dignity, identity, and wealth of wealthy people become more respectful and for maintaining of this respects the bloods, dignity, identity and wealth of common and less fortunate people burnt to ashes. Some fortunate people who born in these wealthy areas have no boundary for their visits and majority of people around the world have no permission to visit other areas of the world. Their passports can have written names of countries of world but visiting these areas are forbidden for them.

Still the poverty of power is the greatest barrier for globalizations. The power is the largest obstacles that even wealth and technology stood still to this strong barrier.

Age of information:

As we have discussed earlier that machines determine the trends of the globalization. The machines that facilitated the communication also facilitated the expansions of information and knowledge. Information and Knowledge have empowered individuals to communicate beyond the borders but still it couldn’t help individuals to cope with tyranny of power created by killing machines and condensed wealth. There are needs for thinkers and activists to use this age of information against the global barriers for global justice. The thinkers and activist should work hard to help reach the benefits of globalization to human beings around the globe. It is the most basic human rights that unfortunately not included in now accepted and advocated human rights. The “information based technology” and “professional democracy” is my efforts towards removing global barriers for global justice. You can search them in Knol and also can send me your opinions and perspectives.


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