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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Does evolutionary theory increase emotional maturity or decrease it?

It is believed that the two world wars are rooted in nationalism born of concept of superiority of races based on the Darwinian theory of evolution. Sure it is true that it were concepts of superiority that fueled wars and caused global disasters. Nazism is an example of it. Sure! It is true that Nazis inspired from theory of evolutions and they used the arguments in their favor by calling the Indians and black African equivalent to Apes. Still there are individuals who use argues that Europeans are more evolved as they have inventions, theories, discoveries and conquers in their achievements but other nations are just consumers of the western achievements. They also argue that the rise of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indians and Iranians are just imitations and reproducing of the Western inventions and discoveries, theories and practices. They are good at reverse engineering but not in inventions and discoveries. Learning and adaptations to new environments are characteristics of primitive men who were just evolved out of primates but evolved men are creative and innovative. They create, invent, discover and theorize and produce. Primitive men are good at exploring and adapting what already exist to ensure their survival.

Sure! These arguments are misuse of the theory of the evolution. We know that all things could be used either in positive and negative ways. But if we look positively to the science in general and theory of evolution specifically we will find a totally changed face of theory of evolution. Evolution gets us an understanding of why some people are slow and other are more advanced? Sure there are no biological reasons for the differences in progress but it is a phenomenon of environment. There are many successful people from back ward and developing countries in western countries. These individuals are more successful than a very large number of the westerners. It is enough to understand the cause of progress. It is the environments, laws, beliefs and practices that make more progressed or back ward. The western countries have passed through scientific evolution which has replaced the old beliefs and practices. These advantages of the west have earned those inventions, discoveries and laws that respect human and their achievements.

Evolution and science picture the extinctions and positions of all organisms in the ecosystems. It realizes the people how they evolved. Every organism is important to Science and Scientists have learned through extinction of organisms. It is the science who asks for conservation of all organism irrespective of their evolutionary lineages and levels of evolution. Surely! Scientists have very different positions from those who use the evolutionary theory for their political purposes. Archeologists and anthropologists value even to the products and lives of the cave men to understand and preserve human history. This is quiet opposite to the approaches of those who claim their superiority based on the science.

A scientific approach helps mature emotions and hence increases the emotional maturity. The people with scientific approach to fellow human and world around them appreciate and accept differences as a product of nature and natural laws. Hence Science helps to mature emotions rather than decrease it. Science is a quest of observable and testable facts. These quests revealed the vastness of universe and the position and reality of human in this universe. Sure! Men will never stop their competitions and feeling so prejudices and superiority and will use science to serve their claims but reality is that science has helped in maturing the emotions of human. It has revealed the potentials of men and vastness of universe. The absence of life on moon and surrounding planets has increased the importance and appreciation of life on earth. Even the search for other intelligent creatures or any form of life is still a failure.

This universe and men have the same lineage of evolutions and still the evolutionary process has not stopped. Certainly more evolved creature will replace human. So the sense of superiority is just a momentary pride. The sense of pride has no place in evolutionary theory as evolutionary process has the dominant creatures have wiped out of face of earth and least evolved organisms survived to more evolve. Dominant and famous Dinosaurs have wiped out and slowly crawling turtles lived the extinctions. Sure what is a supportive adaptations turn against a creature. The same is told about human that it is the inventions, discoveries that make men dominant today’s earth but the same inventions and discoveries had led to disastrous chemical, biological and nuclear weapons that threat the human existence and survival.

Evolutionary theory also makes us appreciate the intelligence, creativity and adaptations that people have irrespective of their positions and places which are out sight of political glasses.

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