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Monday, November 28, 2011

Stories, too short (Part: 5)

Stories, too short (Part: 5)


Professor was very fond of discussions and was always very enthusiastic during discussions. Now it is more than month that professor was discussing everyday during tea breaks, that a family with two children is ideal. The fellow lecturers and professors became tire of discussing the same topic and they planned for a picnic to relax and finish off this discussion. But again professor opposed for carrying cards because picnic area is best for continuing discussion. One of the colleagues who wanted to change topic asked professor during discussion, “Sir! How many children do you have?”
“Thanks to God! I have seven children alive but I have lost five of my children during their births”
All staff laughed and the discussion changed.


When I traveled towards Sindh which is a plain area, to my amusements despite of hot climate, I found people were sitting in hut hotels and taking tea and enjoying free conversations. All around my way I found the same scene dominating the eyes of observers in every village and major areas. It were really amazing that people in deep poverty is relaxed and have uncountable leisure time. I found it comparable to mountainous areas where people are short tempered. It may be the effect of elevations but I found it is culture that makes one relaxed in poverty and another short tempered in poverty.


I asked him, “Why our people are encountering nonstop crises?”
“We deserve it. “
“What do you mean Sir?”
“We grew up telling lies and deceiving each others. Our flesh and blood is made up of food earned out of lies and deceiving. Until these flesh and blood it not melted down and new flesh and blood that is earned by just means do not replace them we will face endless crises”


A traffic police has stopped a motorcycle rider and they were arguing on some matter. I approached them to know the situation. Motorcycle rider had a plastic bag in hand filled with tablets and syrups. It seemed that he was returning from a medical store. The traffic police was asking for money and he was insisting that he has no money, “I have bought medicine for my child and I haven’t left a single penny to give you”
“OK! If you don’t want to give money then you have to order a cup of tea for me. I got tired of arguing with you.” Said the traffic policeman
“How should I explain you that I have not a single penny then how I can order you a cup of tea?”
“OK Baba! I have not seen a stubborn man like you in my whole life. If you have not money then you must have a cigarette?”
“Yes Sir! Happily”
Motor cycle rider gave him a cigarette and the police let him go.


Resting in hotel, we were watching news. In reporter was reporting about defeat of Indian cricket team. One of roommates said, “Thanks God! India is defeated”
“Why you are pleased by Indian defeat?”
“I just want to see Indian defeat. I don’t care, whoever win but I don’t want to see Indian winning”
To me it was shocking.
“I accept that India has a historical animosity with Pakistan but we have to be concerned with our wins not others defeat? Am I right?”
“No! The enemy’s defeat is our victory. It doesn’t matter who defeat them”


There was hot debate over political unrest. Some were blaming state and others tribal cultures but there were no consensus. A tribal man silently listening the debate interrupted with taunting smile,” My brothers please don’t exhaust yourselves. In our tribal traditions stealing, looting and killing are symbols of honor. If a tribal man invites you for a robbery or a killing and you refuse, then you are considered a coward like women who has got the appearance of man.”
All men there silenced and debate finished and tribal man was still smiling.
I asked the young guy there, “What is the trend of youths in your community for selecting life partner?”
“We chose girls who have several lovers” he replied without any hesitation.
It was really shocking for me and I asked him again,” Why do you not select a girl who is modest?”
“We judge girls by their attractions. A girl who is attractive will get several lovers and those who don’t have lovers for sure are not attractive enough to attract somebody”


I was in hurry and so do other individuals like me. We had waited for second day but the officer that had to deal our files was absent. Being panic I asked his assistant angrily,” Just tell me! Is your officer coming to office or not?”
He took from my shoulder and brought me out and told me,” Sir! You are looking a nice person. Just let a person live his life. Our officer is an old man and he has married these days. Let him discover the pleasures of life for a few days”
My temper cool down and I came back to office. Our lab attendant asked me, “What about you file, Sir?”
I told him about the officer’s marriage. He laughed and told me,” Sir! He must be of our tribe.”
“How did you know?” I asked him
“Because, it is our tradition.” He smiled.


The new housing schemes changed the fate of few families who have in poverty for generations. Sudden rise in prices of lands have made them wealthy overnight. Discussing about these newly wealthy families a friend my mine revealed shocking trends in these families, “As they got these moneys from selling lands they married and got more one wife each and bought Kalashnikovs and vehicles.”
“Why they are spending money in such a way?” I asked him becoming curious.
“It is our tradition. Our traditions honor two pleasures among pleasures of life, wives and pride and the highest pride is killing for honor”


I always thought the stories related to punishment of Socrates and trial of Galileo as part of history but a small conversion changed that all. After class a student came to me and asked,” Sir! You must be careful what to teach and what not to teach.”
“I am a science teacher and teach only science. Science relies only on facts and keeps the doors open to be challenged. It is neither harmful nor offensive to anyone”
“But some theories that spoil the students should be avoided”
“Theories are only best explanations that we have for natural processes and they are based on facts. How they can spoil the students? They are actually constructive for the students as they strengthen their power of reasoning and understandings”
“Anything that contradict with our beliefs and practices should be avoided”
“But I am paid for teaching science”
“And you may pay heavier for what contradicts to our beliefs”

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