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Monday, November 28, 2011

Deserts and arc of instability

It is not an accident that arc of instability which extends from North Africa to Middle East and to Central Asia. There is strong correlation between geography, economics and politics. Because Middle East and Central Asia is arid to semi-arid region, so there is not high agricultural yield which were the back bone of economics and poltics in pre-industrial revolution era. By discovery of large reserves of fossil fuel both Middle East and Central Asia become rich and becoming rich. So the historical shift in economics didn't change the pattern of region. Whether pre-fossil fuel era or fossil fuel era, this region were and are an arc of instability. This region was the cradle of human civilization and were key to global politics and economics and is the key for global politics and economics.

Currently, several things increase the importance of this region,

1- Home to Muslim world
2- Home of emerging power
3- Home to Fossil fuel
4- Home to global trade (Indian Ocean)
5- The largest human population (Make it a human capital or population bomb)

The arc of instability is on and around of the tropic of cancer. Persian Sulf, Indian Ocean, Red Sea is important water bodies increase the importance of this region. Being in close vicinity of the South China Sea and dependence of nations living in this regions on the fossil fuel of the arc of instability make this region an extended importance.

There were a historical rivalry between several nations of this regions that by emergence of nation states in post colonial world have changed the pattern but have still the old historical reasons, Main historical rivalries were,

Historical linguistic conflicts:
-Persian-Turkish conflicts
-Persian-Arab conflicts
- Arab-Turk Conflicts
-Arab-Afican Conflicts
-Arab (Muslims)-Indian Conflicts
- Turk-Eastern European Conflicts
-Turk-Chinese Conflicts
-Turko-Mongol-Indian conflicts
-Turko-Mongol-Russian Conflicts
-Mongol-Chinese Conflicts

Colonization and decolonization of this regions have added some new conflicts to this region,

-Arab-Israeli Conflicts,
-Pakistan-India Conflicts
- India-China Conflicts
-Iran-Iraq Coflict
-Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict
-Afghanistan Conflict
-Turkey, Iraq, Iran-Kurdish conflicts
-Morocco-Algeria Conflict
-Sudan conflict

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